You Might Want to Get Bigger Pockets-Are Phablets the Phuture?

Millions of people recently flocked to their local Apple store to purchase the new iPhone 6 Plus. The new iPhone 6 Plus as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note have been given the name of “Phablet,” combining the words phone and tablet, due to their large size. The concept of the Phablet is not a new one in the digital world; it was first brought up in 2011 when the Samsung Galaxy Note was originally launched.

iphonesAlthough I’m sure many of the purchasers were informed about the new Phablet and what it had to offer, there are many people who don’t know the pros and cons of purchasing a Phablet. While many are overwhelmed by the size of the Phablet, others love it for that exact reason as well the technical specs that come with it when compared to a regular phone.

After searching the web I found a few of the main reasons why people love Phablets. A few of these reasons include the large screen size, the immersive user experience, and the multitasking capabilities. To find out more about the pros of owning a Phablet check out the article 5 Reasons Why Phablets are the Best Mobile Device on

As with any product there are also a few cons that I found. A few of the negative aspects of the Phablet include the limitations of portability due to their large size and poor battery life. Some negative aspects of the size are further discussed In the article What’s the Hype Behind Phablets? Won’t a Smartphone or Tablet Do? At

The technical aspects of the Phablet are astounding when compared to a regular smartphone. The technology along with the screen size of the Phablet allows for photo and video editing and note taking, along with a higher megapixel camera, as well as faster processors and higher storage space. To see a full technical comparison of the top Phablet brand phones check out

phabletWith well known brands like Samsung and Apple leading the way for Phablets and their growing popularity this new concept will soon become the norm in society. Personally, I believe that the advancement of other portable technologies like smart watches and Bluetooth will help propel the success of the Phablet by diminishing the idea that the large size is a problem.

I also believe that the Phablets increase in screen size will be cost effective for many people because it will eliminate the need to buy a phone and a tablet. For some it could even eliminate the need for a laptop. The Phablet is already capable of completing just about anything a computer can and with the ongoing advancement of technology it will soon be able to do much more.

phabletsAlthough many people are still uninformed about the Phablet and all of its capabilities I still believe this gadget is the future of mobile devices. From a technical aspect the Phablet hugely outweighs the smartphone, and it is also a cost effective choice for many individuals and families. The size may be big negative point for many, but with the help of Bluetooth and a growth in popularity this “bad” aspect will soon be forgotten. Ultimately the choice of whether or not to purchase a Phablet is up to you, but I think I’ll need bigger pockets.

Tanner Heinrichs

2 thoughts on “You Might Want to Get Bigger Pockets-Are Phablets the Phuture?

  1. Who is behind the term phablet? Are the manufactures deeming these devices phablets or does it come from media companies trying to be clever? I’m asking this because it seems to me that these are really just small tablets with phone services and the term is just being thrown in to help them sell. I also wonder how you think these devices will affect bluetooth headphone sales? I think that as the transformation from phone to full on tablet continues people will not want to hold these up to their face for calls, so it seems to me that headsets would be a great accessory for these devices.

  2. Oh phablets. I really like the point that you made about eliminating the need for a laptop. Recently, I’ve been having to do a lot of work on my laptop for word processing reasons. It has been the major function of my laptop for some time now, a function that could easily be replaced by a tablet or phablet at easily 15% of the size and weight. The convenience of not having to lug around a laptop is actually something that has made me start looking at tablets. If I had some time to work with a phablet, I very possibly would end up purchasing one to kill two birds with one stone.

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