XBox One or PS4—What Do Gamers Really Want?

Okay, so here’s the thing, I’ve done some research in hopes of finding out what you guys really want. As a gamer myself, I know exactly what I want. I’d like to keep the console I have instead of getting a new one.

I guess I should explain exactly what I am talking about before I jump ahead of myself.

The Microsoft Xbox One will launch on November 22nd, 2013, and Sony has set the launch date for PS4 on November 15th, 2013.

PS4Most of you awesome gamers already knew the release dates. But for my non-gamers, I have to keep those guys informed too.

Let me share with you my situation. I just purchased my very own PS3 in early 2011, even though the original console came out five years. Though I am more of a PlayStation guy, I am not ruling out the concerns of Xbox users.

Now that the PS4 and Xbox One are soon to come out, I’ll be honest—I feel that I don’t need to upgrade just yet. As a matter of fact, I think it’ll be a few more years before I even think about buying a PS4.

How many of you are in my shoes? And if you are, how many of you are planning on getting one (or both!) of the new consoles anyway? Are any of you just going to sit back and chill out for a while, before purchasing the new game consoles?

And for the gamers that bought their consoles early on, do you all feel ready to purchase the new generation consoles?

As part of my research, I looked up the exclusive launch games for each console. Here is a link to the most updated exclusive release list for Xbox One, and this is the list for PS4.

After watching an exclusive gameplay look for Xbox One Dying Light, I have to admit that it looks like it’s going to be pretty sick, and should generate a good amount of sales on its release date.

Of course, I cannot forget my Sony people. Here is some gameplay for a few PS4 exclusives. Four games to be exact, except that you may choose which game to observe. The games are Final Fantasy, inFAMOUS, Watchdogs, and Killzone.

XBOX OneEach of the consoles seems to have a pretty decent line up of exclusives, though they won’t all be launched on their respective console’s launch dates. There will be new releases during the upcoming year, but according to the amazing Microsoft claims to have fifteen Xbox One exclusive games in its first year and, to my surprise, there will be twenty exclusives for the PS4!

Now the prices for these new consoles range from $500 to $600, and some even reach to about $700 (OUCH!) if you want all the perks.

Some last issues that I wanted to point out about the consoles:

  • Neither console offers backwards compatibility (boo!)
  • Xbox One now has Blu-Ray (yay!)
  • As you can see they’re pretty pricey (boo!)
  • You will need Xbox Live for Xbox One (grrr!)

Okay, gamers, with that last bit of info what are your overall thoughts? Is getting the new consoles worth it at the moment, or are you planning on buying them at a later date?

Phillip Bowie

10 thoughts on “XBox One or PS4—What Do Gamers Really Want?

  1. Well, I’m not a gamer, but I can definitely relate to this situation because my fiancée and his family have a PS3. He and his brother bought it later after its release, like you did, and they enjoyed it. For a while. When my fiancée left for college, his brother kept the console and my fiancée played games on Steam; he hasn’t played the PS3 in years. Recently, he and his friend thought about splitting the cost of a PS4, and I was confused. He never plays his PS3 anyway, and plays his games on Steam (and gets his money’s worth, doing all the side missions, etc.), so why does he even need a new product? We are both really excited to play WatchDogs, but not enough to buy a PS4 to play it with. He decided not to purchase the console. Like I said before, I’m not a big gamer, but I don’t really see the point of getting the new consoles, especially if you enjoy what you have, don’t have the money to upgrade, and recently purchased an older console. However, I do understand the need to consistently be putting out new products to draw revenue and please consumers, who probably are awaiting a new console. So I guess, for me, the whole issue isn’t big deal. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it. If you do, then purchase one. I still fell like its the “job” of the developers and companies to constantly be upgrading and trying to make more profits. Though I will add that I don’t see enough benefits from the list you provided for someone to switch, though. The backwards compatibility thing is a huge issue, as well, because then it makes things more difficult for the consumer. My fiancée still talks about how much he enjoyed his PS1 games!

    1. You are not the only person to have told me that you are pleased with what you already have. I feel that there are a lot of people out there that feel the same way as we do, especially considering our similar situation being that we bought the PS3 much later than the original release date. Besides PS3 games are still pretty darn awesome. Thank you for you comment, I really appreciated your engaging point of view.

  2. I feel like this is not an ideal time to release the new console, I think if they could have waited a month they could have greater sales as it would be around Christmas. Honestly i feel like the amount of games available right now is really not that compelling enough for me to wanna go out and buy a new console. Of the games listed the only games I would probably go out and buy would be the NBA and UFC games, and still I could get those on Xbox 360, instead of rushing out and buying a brand new system just to play like 3 games. Granted I looked at the Madden for the new console and it looked pretty sweet but it already came out 2 months ago for 360. I wasn’t gonna wait 2 months and half the NFL season just to play Madden on the next gen console when i could buy it in September (which I did). Also it really hurts that a next gen version of Grand Theft Auto V is not currently available as if it were, I’d seriously considering getting a new console. Honestly I’ll probably wait until next fall when the new Madden and college football games will be available on the next gen console along with hopefully many more games.

  3. As a casual gamer and owner of an Xbox 360, I don’t quite feel compelled to buy a new generation console for a few reasons. Though I do play video games to some degree of regularity, I don’t feel like I’d be getting enough in return for the price I would be paying at this point. With releases like GTA V, I’m still getting the satisfaction of solid games to play whenever I have some spare time. Of course, as with most other technologies, the price will probably lower drastically within the next few years so I won’t count out the possibility of purchasing one in the future. I think the backwards compatibility factor would sway my decision at least a little bit so I wouldn’t be forced to make a larger investment in new-gen games. I can’t really judge the quality of difference until I play a PS4 or One, so when I’m able to have a hands-on experience with different games I enjoy, we’ll see.

  4. I felt that is really is no problem with the timing of the new consoles originally, but I do feel that now that many of the exclusives that were to be released on the new generation of consoles have been moved back that waiting until 2014 may have been a better option. I still think that the consoles will be insanely well, but now that games like Watchdogs have been pushed back, I would not want to buy the next generation just yet.

  5. I’ve had my Xbox 360 since they came out back in 2005 so I am definitely ready for a new console. I agree that there are some major flaws with the consoles (no backwards compatibility and you have to pay for online for the Xbox One). One other downside is that you cannot play with your friends on the next gen if they still have the Xbox 360/PS3. To me, this is a huge deterrent because I only have 1 friend who is planning on buying the new Xbox right when it comes out.

  6. I feel like I wont be investing in either of the new consoles soon. The lack of backwards compatibility is a huge turn-off especially with the high price tag. In response to Carver, I think that the launch dates are reasonable considering Black Friday and potential Christmas mark-downs. Currently I would much rather buy a 360 so I can play with friends and still play games in my collection than spring for a new console. I wouldn’t plan on buying a new generation console even within the next year.

  7. As a casual gamer, I would not buy the new console. I think the high price is definitely a turn-off for me and the lack of backwards compatibility. I think it’s a great start and they are trying to step-up but I wouldn’t be ready just yet to move away from my Xbox 360. Possibly something to look in to in the future if there are better features then.

  8. I would classify myself as a casual gamer, but even I have thought about getting one of the new consoles. They are both great machines, and whether or not one has a better line up for it’s launch titles, I don’t really care. By the time I will actually commit to buying one of these consoles, the launch titles will be long forgotten. Everyone who has even purchased their own gaming console knows that prices drop significantly within the first year or so. In that first year, they usually use consumers as guinea pigs to work out those many 1.0 kinks. A huge issue that the PS3 had at launch, was the fact that it generated so much heat. There are pictures of people grilling actual burgers on the surface of the PS3. Xbox 360 had a similar problem with overheating, but thankfully the console would shutdown and read the notorious “Red Ring of Death” error.

    Give it a few months, these many “launch system errors” will start popping up on different gaming websites. I will buy a new console after I see a price drop. Right now, the consoles are priced almost stupidly high.

  9. I don’t think the release of the next-gen consoles is too soon. Actually, if I’m correct I believe this is the longest between consoles for both companies, especially Microsoft. What I don’t understand, though, is that they’ve been releasing special edition consoles up until fairly recent, which puts people such as yourself in an awkward state: the idea of a newer console sounds great, but you just spent a good chunk of money on the old console a year or so ago. But for me when it comes to the idea of actually purchasing one of these new consoles, I’m definitely not going to anytime soon. I’ve had my Xbox since early 2007 and got plenty of enjoyment out of it, until I got tired of essentially paying to use it. So the price tag, plus having to pay to play with friends, watch Netflix, or even talk with people isn’t worth it to me.

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