Worth the Wait? The Problem of First Day Glitches

As many of you have experienced, you buy a new device or download a new software update on the first day it releases. Well when you do that, there are bound to be some glitches with the software. This is what I call “First Day Glitches.” Many companies have this problem including some of the best companies out there. Whether it be Apple, Nintendo, or even Microsoft, it’s basically inevitable.

glitchesFirst let’s start out with Apple and their recent update iOS 11 that launched on September 18th, 2017. This is exactly one week after the iPhone 8 and iPhone X launch. On the first day, many users were experiencing issues. One of those issues was with the iPad, with graphics that were completely out of whack. The user would unlock the screen, and right away the bar that includes all of your favorite apps would be in the middle of the screen. This made it impossible to get to some of your apps that were underneath that bar. Another problem users ran into was with Apple Pay. Some people reported that Apple Pay would not work, or would completely crash when they tried to use it.

With this new update, Apple added a new feature that records your screen while you use it. Although this was a good idea on Apple’s end, it didn’t have the greatest first impression. Users would start recording and their iPhone would freeze or wouldn’t record audio like it was supposed to. The only way to unfreeze your phone was restarting it.

Apple isn’t the only company to have these kinds of problems. Nintendo had had a couple of pretty big issues when they first launched new products. One of those issues was with the JoyCon controllers not being able to connect to the screen when in portable mode. This raised many red flags because it is one of the key points for the switch being both portable like a GameBoy or stationary like a console. The other major issue with the Switch was that the screen would glitch to the point of not being able to see your game or control it at all. This video shows the extent of problems that it caused for many people.

The last company is Microsoft, and they problems they encountered with their launch of the Xbox One. On the first day, Microsoft released their “Day One edition” of the console which had some problems of its own. The “Green Screen of Death” was the biggest issue among them all. On the first startup of the console, the screen would freeze on the screen shown below. Many people got lucky and just unplugged their console and restarted it but some people had to send it back to Microsoft to get fixed. Gamers that also played on the Xbox 360 compared this to the “Red Ring of Death” which cost Microsoft nearly $1 Billion.

glitchesMany other Microsoft gamers complained about the optical disc drive either not reading discs or making a crunching noise when the disc was inserted. Along with that, the download times of games was very slow, but the explanation for this is based on how large the game files are in order to provide such high-quality graphics. The higher the graphic quality, the bigger the file will be. This is one of those times you have to decide what you would rather have. Quality graphics and slow download time? Or Bad graphics and fast download time? Read more here.

Overall, these companies are great companies even with their flaws, and it is impossible to be perfect. These examples are why I always wait a few days or a few weeks until getting that new device or downloading that new software. If you wait most of the major bugs and glitches will be taken care of.

Here are a few questions to think about. Are you one of the many that have to have the newest thing right away? Or do you wait?

If you were involved with one of these companies, what would you recommend doing differently to make the first day go smoother?

And what are some other examples that you have bought or downloaded something on the first day it released that had some glitches like these?

Brett Olson

5 thoughts on “Worth the Wait? The Problem of First Day Glitches

  1. I tend to think I like to wait, but after about a week or two, I just got to have it. As for as a company running a new software more smooth, eh I don’t know, it’s a big mess most of the time, and to try and make it through without glitches is nearly impossible. But maybe instead of big changes, they should consider doing it in small increments and changes over a period of time. But that would just eliminate the big hype that comes with new products and softwares.

  2. I wait to see what the reviews are of a product first so I don’t have this issue as much. I think the problem is that companies want that profit as quick as possible. To the companies themselves I don’t know if they look at this as such a bad thing. I think they are content to sit back, because the risks are worth the rewards.

  3. First day glitches are a struggle but game testers can only see so much of a game. Imagine being a team of like 10 people who needed to travel to every corner of Skyrim or Fallout. Honestly, having day one players do the testing is just easier and cheaper than paying an entire team.

  4. I definitely relate to this post a lot. iOs 11 was my first update in a long time and I regret it. I definitely am going to wait to update my phone next time until the bugs are fixed. As for video games, I always see the updates saying that they are fixing certain bugs but have never seen them myself, thank god. Interesting approach to holster buying or updating things right away.

  5. I myself like to wait at least a month to see what everything happens in the first month. I do break my rule sometimes if it seems like I can’t live without it. I bought my Switch only a week after I came out because I really wanted it. Luckily I didn’t have any bugs.

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