Women in the Media Industry

Media can be a man’s world, but women involved in media production are plentiful and powerful. The NAB Show in Las Vegas has dozens of panel discussions on everything broadcast related from online streaming and 4K broadcasting to cinematography forums hosted by film makers from movies like Gravity and Transcendence. Many of these forums and discussions are hosted by women or have women on the panels.

Women-in-TechOne of the general sessions at the NAB Show, hosted by a woman, Cali Lewis, is titled NewTek™ Presents: Broadcast Minds, and it includes Tom Green, Criss Angel and Norm MacDonald. Lewis is the co-star of GeekBeat TV which is a technology news website delivering daily video content. Their mission, to enlighten, educate, and entertain, can clearly be seen in their web videos, which are hilarious and informative. Lewis has over 400,000 followers on her various social media sites, including Twitter and Google+. You can watch a video of Lewis discussing Amazon’s newest product, Amazon Fire TV, a media streaming device similar to the Roku or Google Chromecast, below.

The CEO of Vubiquity, Darcy Antonellis, will also be at the NAB Show as a panelist on the discussion board at the Consumers “4K and Next Gen Home Entertainment — Which Experiences Will Most Excite Them?” panel. 4K resolution is the next generation of ultra high definition television, and it is moving into consumers homes. As of this post, there is not much content for 4K, but television and cinema are both starting production and release of 4K content. In Antonellis’ career she has held many positions including senior vice president of Warner Bros. in distribution technologies and operations, where she was promoted to executive vice president in 2003. Since then she oversaw the creation of the first anti-piracy operation which had locations in Burbank, CA, London, Germany, South America and Asia. She attained her current position as CEO of Vubiquity this year. Below is a video of Antonellis discussing content creation, one of her many areas of expertise.

Net neutrality is a topic that has been on the tip of every technophile’s tongue the last few months. The net neutrality debate is over whether or not broadband network providers should be completely detached from what information is sent over their networks and at what speeds specific information is sent. Amy Schatz is going to be moderating a forum on that very topic at the NAB Show titled “World Without Rules: Is This the End of the Open Internet?” Schatz is the senior editor of tech policy at Re/code, a technology news startup, formerly AllThingsD.com. Panelists from the forum will include a former commissioner of the FCC and the executive vice president and general counsel of the National Hispanic Media Coalition.

There will be many more women at the NAB Show, whether they are moderators, award recipients or presenters, panelists, exhibitors or attendees. Women are not only content consumers, they are content producers, and the NAB Show is “where content comes to life.”

Sommer Darland

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