Will Walt Disney Acquire All?

It seems to me that lots of companies these days are being bought out, or in other words acquired, by a much larger conglomerate. One particular company seems to buying everything.

And it’s Disney. Disney has now acquired Pixar Animated Studios, Marvel, and Lucasfilm. Just to add more to that, they’ve also made a movie deal with Netflix.

Marvel LogoFor a while now, Netflix has streamed all of the old Marvel animated series that came on Saturday morning. Recently I have noticed that these shows have disappeared from their playlist. Shows like X-Men, Spiderman, Silver Surfer, are all now gone. I hate to say it, but it has a lot to do with the new deal that they have made with Disney.

Since Disney owns Marvel they own the rights to the characters, meaning that anything that has to do with the Marvel characters, has to be approved by the Disney management team first.

Though Disney owns the rights to the characters, they do not, however, own the rights to pre-existing franchises. This means that the X-Men movies, including the coming X-Men: Days of Future Past, do not have to comply with Disney, and neither does The Amazing Spiderman. The X-Men franchise is owned by Fox and The Amazing Spiderman is owned by Sony. These companies have no intention whatsoever to hand over their rights to Disney.

Luca Films LogoNow that Disney has acquired Lucasfilm, I can’t help but wonder if the Star Wars movies they plan to make will deliver and please the diehard Star Wars fans. Here is a link to a conversation between Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, and George Lucas, talking about what will happen next, and the new projects to come out in the near future.

Do you think that this was the best idea for Lucas to make, and will Disney deliver good films with the Star Wars franchise? Let me know what you all think, because you Star Wars fans are passionate about the franchise, and I know you all want nothing less than the best.

Netflix on the other hand, will start streaming original Disney classic movies, but this won’t begin until 2016. This might work in Netflix’s favor, because movies like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Black Cauldron, and all the older Disney animated films will now be there for families to watch.

This will definitely be something to look forward to, and maybe they will put the old Marvel cartoons back on Netflix again. Here is a link to a video concerning the movie deal Netflix made with Disney.

My last questions on the topic are: will Netflix have to charge more to their consumers with all the new content that will be available, and would you be willing to pay more for their services?

Phillip Bowie

7 thoughts on “Will Walt Disney Acquire All?

  1. You make an interesting point with that final question. There is no way of knowing what Netflix will do. I personally think that if Netflix raised their price by say a dollar or less, they would still be okay. But if they do raise the price, they would have to have some kind of new feature to accompany it. The content pool for Netflix has always been pretty huge, so I don’t think that increasing it wouldn’t really change the way people view Netflix. If we see a significant and extreme shift from people using regular cable providers to people using Netflix in the future, then they might develop something of a monopoly on the streaming market, in which case they could very well raise their prices. Hulu Plus and other streaming services would have to try even harder to compete while also keeping prices down.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if something along these lines were to happen in the next couple of years. Technology dude, it’s kind of out of control. Who knows? Netflix might be a thing of the past in a couple of years.

  2. First of all… I love love LOVE Disney, I say go Netflix for having the classics on there. On the last question though, I think Netflix would be smart to jack up prices a little bit. I know for a fact that if I were paying to get Netflix ( which I am currently not because I am using my sisters account) I would stay with them because of that reason. I think Netflix would be smart to get more things like Disney, or other movies or show that are hard to find and use that to pull in subscribers. All I know is that I love Disney, so I’m in.

  3. I think that ultimately this was the best move for George Lucas personally. He was able to leave his work to another company at a very large sum and still retain some creative rights for the upcoming movies. Will these new star wars movie be revolutionary? No I don’t think they will but I do think they will be entertaining and create a merchandising market like never before seen. If the New Star Wars franchise doesn’t make a few billion dollars I will be very surprised.

  4. I don’t think Netflix will have to raise their subscription price anytime soon. To a college kid like myself, $8 a month is enough as it is, and any price increase could deter me from renewing a subscription. As for the part about Disney and Lucasfilm, I think it was a good move by Disney because as you said, Star Wars fans are super passionate. I think that when Disney comes out with a new Star Wars that the fans will come out and watch it in high numbers. So that was a good deal for both sides.

  5. I feel like in the next 3 years Netflix subscriptions will in fact rise. Whether this is simple inflation or the fact that they get to have Disney owned material. Looking at the price of DVDs and BluRays owned by Disney may be indicative of a potential Netflix hike. Looking at the first two Iron-man releases, they were in the 20-25 dollar range upon release and have steadily declined over the time they’ve been out. Meanwhile, Iron-man 3 released under Disney, and like Avengers (also under Disney) came out around 30-35 dollars upon its release, and has no sign of having a price decline ever, as most Disney home titles never really fluctuate in price by much.

    I also do not believe Disney will end up owning everything. I don’t think the industry would allow for Disney to get that popular and I don’t think all of the other companies are willing to give up their properties so easily. Disney may own Marvel now, but they do not have access to all of its properties. Sony still has the rights to Spider-man, and despite many negotiations and offers, they are not keen to release their hold of the web-slinger any time soon. Twentieth Century Fox also maintains the rights to the Fantastic Four franchise, Daredevil and most notably right now the X-men properties. Sony and Fox are big enough to not let Disney not have complete control over all of the Marvel properties. While this may be good for the controlling companies, this could very well mean we would never see Wolverine or Spider-man team up with Iron-man and The Avengers any time soon, much to the fans’ disappointment.

  6. I’m not going to lie and say that I am a huge Star Wars fan, but I have seen all of the movies and I do enjoy them. I personally think it would be better if Disney would have left them where they were at and to not try and produce more of the movies. They are already classics; why try to ruin a good thing?

    I don’t think Netflix necessarily will have to charge more with all of the content that is coming in the future, but I can’t say I will be surprised if they do so. I will definitely be willing to pay extra for Netflix as long as it isn’t some ridiculous raise in price. I mean who doesn’t like to bum around and watch classic movies and TV shows on their days off?

  7. Although I’m not a Star Wars fan I feel that the content that Disney provides with be good but on the other hand I think it will be difficult to please the hardcore Star Wars fans because they hold such high expectations. Plus, with the time allotted between the movies makes for higher anticipation, as you can see in the blogs, therefore feeding to the anticipation for the next movies to come in the saga. Disney taking over Lucasfilms seemed like the right move to do- because now it should be interesting to see what content Disney provides for the new movie(s).
    As far as Netflix goes- I’m an avid user to the shows and movies that are released on Netflix and I’m excited to see the upcoming movies that Disney has to release. It should be interesting to see the movies they release from the vault and how long they will stay on Netflix because if they were to permanently make some of these classic animated movies available at any time on Netflix- I believe the worth of them will decrease because they’ll be readily available to anyone at anytime. Personally, I would pay a couple bucks to keep my Netflix account- but I don’t see them taking the price of Netflix and inflating it too drastically just because of Disney.

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