The Year of The Superhero Flick

This year seems to be the year of comic book superhero movies, and I of all people am not complaining.  This trend does not seem like it is going to let up in the next couple years with movies that will intertwine and tangle with each other to form sequels upon sequels.  Take for example all of the Marvel comic movies that have came out recently such as The Hulk and Iron Man.  At then very end of these movies after the credits comes an Easter egg of the next upcoming movies to be released and the eggs at the end of those movies were for Thor and Captain America who are all ironically part of the Avengers.

All these movies are leading up to a grand finale where they can put all of these action hero’s into a movie together.  Same thing with the X-Men franchise after the first three came out they stared to do X-Men Origins Wolverine, which is expecting another film in the next year or so.  Now, X-Men First Class in coming out in June, which is basically the story of Magneto as a teenager and Charles Xavier, better known as Professor X.  The creators are also talking about doing  X-Men Origins on not only Wolverine, but for some of the other main characters from the group.  Oh yes, and did I mention that all four of these movies are coming out in the next two and a half months?  So needless to say, the box office should be pretty interesting in the upcoming couple months.

– Steve Marksteiner –

2 thoughts on “The Year of The Superhero Flick

  1. I enjoyed reading your post! Do you have a prediction about which of these movies will rise to the top?

  2. Thank you very much!! As far as a prediction on which will rise to the top, I feel that it will be X-Men First Class will be the one out of all of these to rise to the top with Thor right behind it. Even though all of these movies are coming out in such a short period of time each will have their own crowd buzzing about them the day that they are released.

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