The Unaffordable iPhone 11

The iPhone 11, which was released on September 20th, 2019, and is the newest piece of Apple technology. Of course, like every new addition of the iPhone series, it is just different enough from the last phone to be called new, and the price has only gotten higher. 

How much is this year’s model? At its fall 2019 event, Apple released the price of the new iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. If you haven’t already heard about the price for the latest smartphone, you may be in for a surprise. Hold onto your wallets folks.


The iPhone 11 starts at $699 dollars, which isn’t that bad considering that the iPhone X was $999 at its release. But then it jumps considerably in price for the iPhone 11 Pro. Then another $100 dollars for the 11 Pro Max. And for the Samsung type, the Galaxy S10 isn’t any cheaper. Starting at $899 you won’t be saving any money by switching. As you can see, there is a steady increase in the price of each new smartphone. Although Apple is taking trade-ins of older models to lower the cost, how can the majority of people afford what has become such a necessity. 


Are the new features worth the price? The camera on the iPhone 11 now has a wide and ultra-wide lens, which gives the ability to crop and zoom after the photo is taken. It also has a night mode for taking pictures in the dark. The video quality is slightly improved and you can take 4k video at 60 fps as well as slo-mo video. It’s powered by Apple’s new A13 Bionic chip, which Apple claims that it’s their fastest processor yet. The battery life is supposed to last an hour longer than the previous iPhone XS. Last but not least, the iPhone 11 comes in six different colors: black, red, white, purple, yellow, and green. 

The main difference between the 11 and the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max is the triple camera system. But why is the new iPhone so expensive just because it has a better camera? To finish off this blog post, we’ll talk about what really makes each new iPhone so expensive. 

There are a few different reasons to explain the high prices and why they’re increasing. One of those reasons is that Apple designs and engineers the hardware and software for each new phone. Creating this software takes a lot of resources, which raises the price. Also, Apple creates and controls the entire user experience, which is constantly changing. Another reason is that Apple continues to position each new iPhone as a high-end product, which is what allows them to reap much higher profit margins on each phone than its competitors.

Finally, the metals and resources that it takes to make each and every iPhone are expensive. Apple has to get these resources from all around the world. The iPhone requires complex components like gyroscopes, accelerometers, multi-touch sensors, Gorilla Glass, and incredibly compact and powerful A-series processors. Manufacturing these iPhones is no simple task either. It costs Apple hundreds of dollars to make each phone in the factory. Below is a link to a video tour of Apple’s factory and the process it takes to make each phone. 

Considering the process it takes to create a device that fits into your pocket and runs faster than any computer for a fraction of the price of one, maybe it makes sense that it’s cost is in the quadruple digits. But it also makes you wonder if we’re being overcharged hundreds of dollars for our iPhones. In today’s world, everyone needs a smartphone, so it wouldn’t be crazy for Apple to profit off of our need. I mean at this rate who knows how much we’ll be paying for an iPhone in the 2020’s! My question to end on is: Do you think we’re getting duped into paying hundreds of more dollars for our phones than they are actually worth?

-Aaron True

3 thoughts on “The Unaffordable iPhone 11

  1. The prices of phones now is becoming crazy high and it’s interesting to think about how far it would go. Even though the price is getting crazy high, they know they can still sell the phone and they know people won’t go without one. They even refurbish old phones and make a big profit on those so the price is something that doesn’t depreciate much at all. I think we are paying for a great product in most cases if it’s taken care of, but how much are we willing to pay until new phones aren’t purchased as quickly.

  2. I believe that though the quality of the the iPhone 11 is remarkable, to an extent, consumers are paying for the brand more so than the product itself. I feel that as a college student, it’s difficult to upgrade phones on a regular basis when prices areXavier this high. The only reason I have been able to do so is because of our family plan with AT&T at home. In general, I really appreciate iPhones, but I find that the phones and their prices to be mismatched. I believe we pay way more than we realistically should for these products just because it’s an Apple product.

  3. When I was in middle school I remember saving birthday and Christmas money so I could buy an iPhone. It wasn’t the newest model at the time so it was a little cheaper, but with $170 I was able to buy the phone in full. Apple’s iPhone has improved its capabilities and function greatly since then but it’s still hard for me to rationalize spending almost a grand on a mobile phone. I can’t help but wonder if some of the advancements are things we really need to improve our experiences as buyers, or if it’s just the attraction of owning something that is brand new to all. As technology advances and companies find new ways to improve our mobile devises, I can’t help but wonder how much higher we could see these prices become for consumers.

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