The Gametime App: Ticket Purchasing of the Future?

With the secondhand ticket market full of companies such as StubHub and SeatGeek, there is one standing out from the rest. Gametime.

gameapp1is a new smartphone application that allows users to purchase tickets fast and easy from their app with the outstanding ability to scan your phone at the ticket booth. With a few simple clicks you can purchase a ticket to your favorite sporting teams event without the hassle of printing the ticket out.

Gametime was started by CEO and Founder Brad Griffith who thought of this concept before attending a San Francisco Giants baseball game. Brad and his friend bought tickets through another smartphone app but did not realize they needed to print them out first. Being late to the game gave him the motivation to create this new app. Gametime gets revenue through charging a booking fee between 5%-10% which is important to note.

gameappGametime however is up against some stiff competition. Competitor SeatGeek has the ability of downloading their app on your smartphone and purchasing tickets that route. SeatGeek’s sales are increasing every month as well. The upside of Gametime compared to SeatGeek however is the ability to scan your phone at the gate. With the ability to buy tickets quickly at the last minute and scan them at the gate, Gametime sets itself apart from other ticket companies.

Gametime is currently growing into different markets as we speak. Currently in 18 different markets, Gametime is expanding across the country to reach every sporting team professionally. While they are only in the sporting event market they are hoping to expand to include musical events as well, which would be another revenue stream to the company. In my opinion, given how fast this company is growing it should not be long before that starts to happen.

Now on to the most important portion of this post, my opinion! After reading through these articles and researching this app I really like the direction this app is going. Gametime seems to have found its place in the secondary ticket market and has a great feature with the ability to scan your phone at the gate and not worry about printing your ticket off.

Gametime seems to have a good reputation in this market with StubHub founding executive Colins Evans signed on as Gametime’s chief revenue officer. This addition was really interesting to me because with another competitor’s founders joining in on the project it gives Gametime a ton of credibility. CEO Brad Griffith seems to have a great gameplan on how to tackle the problems that this company may face with other competitors.

Some questions I have for you the reader is would Gametime be an app you would use if it was available in your city? And do you think Gametime stands a chance against other competitors such as StubHub and SeatGeek?

Brice Berger

3 thoughts on “The Gametime App: Ticket Purchasing of the Future?

  1. This is an awesome idea for an app. This summer I visited Chicago and had tickets to a Cubs game which we had purchased last minute. The only problem was, we couldn’t find a printer. We eventually found one but it would have been a heck of a lot more convenient just to bring our smartphones to the stadium.

  2. I think that I would use Gametime if it was available in my city. I like the idea of not having to carry around my ticket, or having to worry about forgetting the tickets at home. Because of that, I do think they stand a chance against their competition. Allowing fans to just have their ticket scanned is a great idea, and I don’t see why it will not exceed.

  3. Personally, I enjoy having the physical tickets to concerts and sporting events. I like having that physical souvenir and something to look back at, hold and show. But like mentioned, there are exceptions when it is a last minute ordeal, which changes everything.

    I regularly attend concerts especially (which I assume would also work for gametime soon?) and I have in fact had times where it would be a lot more convenient to just have it on my phone so I wouldnt need to find a nearby printer. I think this concept would be massive and would be convenient for tourists and families who would like to spontaneously attend a sporting event without having to stand in long ticket lines or find a printer for their tickets.

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