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Beats by Dre: #SoloSelfie

Beats by Dre has done it again. Their #SoloSelfie campaign is designed to promote the new Solo Beats 2 headphones. The campaign calls for users to take their #SoloSelfie and upload it to social media with the hashtag #SoloSelfie. In this blog post I will provide information about Beats by Dre’s marketing strategy, their innovation on the selfie, and the power of the hashtag. I will also question the effectiveness of Beats by Dre’s current strategies.


Beats by Dre was originally founded by rapper and hip-hop producer, Dr. Dre, and Intercope-Geffen-A&M Records chairman, Jimmy Lovine. On August 1, 2014, Apple Inc. acquired Beats for $3 billion in a cash and stock deal. Beats by Dre’s primary focus is on headphones and speakers. Dr. Dre claims his headphones allow listeners to hear “all the music”.

I own a pair of Beats by Dre Studio headphones, and to be honest, I did not buy them for their high quality of audio. I bought them because they look good and their noise cancellation is awesome. I also like the company because my favorite NBA player, LeBron James, has his own Beats line of headphones.

The headphones have a strong emphasis on the bass in songs. So for hip-hop and most pop songs the headphones are perfect, however for anything else the audio quality is not really worth the high price. So why are they one of the most popular headphones on the market? They became popular through their marketing practices. Beats by Dre focuses heavily on product placement and branding deals with celebrities.

The #SoloSelfie campaign is loaded with celebrity endorsers wearing the new Solo2 Beats headphones while performing the “Solo Selfie. Beats by Dre produced several promotional videos showing off the new Solo2 headphones, with directions on how to do the Solo Selfie. The video below was their first promotional video for the campaign and currently has about 17 mil views on YouTube.

The promotional video has many celebrities performing the Solo Selfie. Shortly after this video was launched, Beats by Dre revealed an extended version designed to teach users how to take a solo selfie. This video is filled with the same celebrities; only they are the ones teaching how to do the Solo Selfie. This video currently has about 1.5 mil views on YouTube.

As you can see in both of these videos, the #SoloSelfie campaign is definitely targeting younger generations that love to share pictures of themselves. Beats by Dre stepped it up by doing a video selfie, an innovation following the photo selfie.

Once people across the world found out about this campaign, Vine exploded with users posting their Solo Selfies. Some users made Vines making fun of it while others just posted their own Solo Selfie. Good publicity or bad publicity is still a good thing for Beats by Dre and their campaign. As long as people are posting their videos with the hashtag Solo Selfie, it is earned media for the company.

According the Beats by Dre website, about 17 mil people have joined their movement. This number is based on how many people have shared their Solo selfie on any social media site with their hashtag. This just shows how powerful the hashtag can be. With this campaign they want their users to feel connected and have the ability to like, comment, and share other Solo Selfies. The hashtag makes this happen.

Beats by Dre has built their company around their branding. The #SoloSelfie campaign is no different. Is their celebrity strategy working? It seems to be connecting with younger audiences, but they haven’t reached the older crowd just yet. Beats by Dre will continue to have great success as long as they remain true to their branding and continue to receive celebrity support. I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog post. Feel free to respond with your opinions on whether or not Beats by Dre’s current marketing strategies are working for their brand.

-Thomas Zittergruen