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Are You Ready To Kinect…with an Interactive Store Display?

There have been plenty of times where you find yourself distracted in shopping malls or stores. They usually get your attention by their giant posters, fresh styles, flashy art, and delicious smells. Is that really enough in our society? Our lives are much different now and we have to think bigger than the bottom line that we are used to. The tool that is driving this new technology era for window displays would have to be the Kinect for Windows. What are the advantages? The Kinect is used mainly for Xbox 360, Xbox One gaming consoles, and Windows PC. My main focus is on Windows PC, because the Kinect + the PC is more about helping society become more efficient than it is to be for our entertainment.

Retail stores use the Kinect to make an “interactive” display that grabs window shoppers attention and places them into a whole different connection. They let shoppers become part of the brand and interact with their product. A good example is the Nike window display which measures how well you jump compared to professional athlete records. There is no better way than to support athletics and combine it with the audience. The setup has an RGB camera, depth sensor, voice and facial recognition. The Depth sensor has an infrared laser (body heat) and monochrome depth sensor that captures 3D data under any ambient light, which provides 2,048 levels of sensitivity. The Kinect can reach up to 6 skeletons and locate 25 different joints including fingers. The knowledge for this kind of medium prepares us for newer technology.  The different designs for interactive window displays can cost you a pretty penny, but is it worth it? Nike seems to think so as they’ve stated, “Retailers and office spaces are attracting and connecting with customers creatively.”

There are other ways besides an attractivekinect design that will lure in the audience members, such as retail stores, hospitals, manufacture’s, education, etc. There are two companies that really put the Kinect to use. GestSure, allows surgeons to use hand motions to study a patient’s medical images such as, X-rays, MRI’s, and CT’s. They use it without having to manipulate the images and having to wait for prints. At EPIC Machine Vision they see the Kinect to be very useful. The manufacturer, NUI (Biometric natural user interface), identifies one person to log onto a machine and will ignore other workers around him. The device is used by gestures, voice commands, and will shut down if the worker leaves on break.

What we can take away from this is that the Kinect for Windows could be opening up a new revolution to advertise, sell, help, and create new items. Do you think the Kinect for Windows is worth investing into your business? If so, what do you think would be the benefits? If not, what concerns would you have for this product?

Sara Clark

Fall Games – Forza 4, Gears 3, Assassins & Batman

The gaming community is going to have their hands full this month and they will be the last to complain about it. There have been many games, especially sequels, coming out for some major title video games. Read my two-part series on the new video games for the fall season!

I’ll start with the recently released games such as Gears of War 3 and Forza Motorsport 4.  Gears of War (GoW) was released on September 20 and is the final game to the current trilogy. Selling over 1 million pre-orders, GoW was one of the most anticipated games for the Xbox 360 console in 2011, but trust me there are many more! Hopefully the Gears of War franchise is not over because it has an extremely large fan base that has built up over the last three games.

For you racing fans and Xbox 360 Kinect enthusiasts, Forza Motorsport 4 is the right game for you. Forza 4 is also exclusive to the Xbox 360 console, and this game is Kinect-ready, meaning you can steer and shift gears without the use of the ever-popular physical steering wheel (though you can purchase one if you prefer it). Forza via Kinect lets you to check your blind spots with the simple turn of your head as if you were driving a real car!

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is set to release in mid November of 2011 for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Revelations is the fourth game of the franchise, which has also gained a vast amount of fans. With the addition of multiplayer mode in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, AC Revelations is including new game types and more customizable character features.

Batman: Arkham City, the sequel to the 2009 game Batman: Arkham Asylum, was released October 18. Arkham City was one of the only games of 2011 to receive a 10 out of 10 stars from the ever-popular Game Informer Magazine. I would suggest this game for to anyone who likes to roam the streets and beat the crap out of bad guys. This latest version keeps you guessing with tons of side missions. New features are more enhanced gliding through the air, grappling onto buildings without ever touching the ground, and a bunch of new gadgets for Batman’s utility belt.

This concludes part-one of my review, check back in a couple days to see the second part!

Steve Marksteiner

E3 = Every Gamers Dream

At E3, being a gaming nerd is an entrance requirement.  E3 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo, and it is one of the largest gathering of gaming software and hardware developers in the world.  The Expo takes place in sunny Los Angeles, California during the first part of June every year.  The convention lasts for three days and is filled with glitzy and impressive “first look” displays of the new games and gaming systems premiering in the fall.  This year, E3 hosted more than 47,000 attendees from over 100 countries, and 200 exhibitors that took up the better part of the Los Angeles Convention Center.  I was there with fellow Modern Media Mix reporter Freddie Dickerson, and a dozen other SIU folks.  We enjoyed playing Star Wars and Dance Central 2 for Microsoft’s Kinect, Resistance 3 for Sony’s PlayStation 3, playing many other titles, and checking out some new hardware, as well.

Here are some Game Titles coming out this fall and holiday season that were previewed at E3:

  • Batman: Arkham City  – Trailer
  • EA Sports FIFA Soccer 12 – Trailer
  • Star Wars Kinect – Trailer
  • Gears of War 3 – Trailer
  • Battlefiled 3 – Trailer
  • Modern Warfare 3 – Trailer
  • Resistance 3 – Trailer
  • Saints Row 3 – Trailer (explicit)
  • Just Dance 3 – Trailer (Anyone sensing a theme with the 3s this year?)
  • Hitman Absolution – Trailer  (My personal favorite trailer)
  • Assassin’s Creed Revelations – Trailer (2nd favorite)

Amelia Torre and Freddie Dickerson playing the Star Wars Kinect demo.

 Hardware coming out this fall and holiday season that were previewed at E3:

New hardware like a Playstation 4 or Xbox 720 are not rumored to come out for at least another year, and so this year at E3 the hottest products were the games.  At this stage in the console lifecycle, more money is being channeled into game development.  Games like L.A. Noire and Need for Speed-The Run are investing in live action capture techniques to make the games more realistic. Consumers are demanding games that are better looking and more complex, and the demos at E3 proved that the industry is listening. Check back with ModernMediaMix.com for more detailed information about E3 and what’s coming out this fall. To see a bunch more E3 pictures “like” ModernMediaMix on FaceBook!

Amelia M. Torre