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Is GoPro Dead?

When you think of GoPro advertisements, the first thing that might pop into your mind is an ad with footage of someone on a vacation or hiking in the mountains, right? What you may not know is that GoPro didn’t make these advertisements themselves. What’s unique about GoPro is that they use their consumer’s videos for their campaigns. The question is, does user generated content effectively advertise the product and make it successful?

GoProWhen purchasing something relatively expensive we are going to want to see reviews on the product. With GoPro, you can see the quality of the camera based on the videos created with them. People may assume that since GoPro advertises with user-generated content that the videos will be low quality and shaky, but this isn’t the case. Knowing that GoPro uses user-generated content makes their advertisements seem more genuine. Consumers are able to create high quality videos and are even advertising the product themselves by sharing it online. In fact, the company more than doubled their income by saving money with user generated content. Instead of spending advertising money on video equipment, a director, and a cast they have one person do take their product, create content, and share it online.

GoProThen the company thought, since consumers are basically advertising for us, why not reward them for their work? So, they introduced GoPro Awards. Every week they would pick photographs from three different categories and the winners would receive $500.They also gave awards for video content in two different categories: $1,000 for unedited footage and $5,000 for edited footage. They created these categories so that amateurs would have a chance at winning money too. The winners of these awards have a chance at making even more money. If GoPro liked their content a lot and wanted to license it to ad agencies, the creator would receive some of that licensing money.

However, in November 2016, it was released that GoPro’s income dropped by 330% compared to the year before. They lost $84 million in three months and their stock dropped 15%. This, obviously, made a lot of their investors angry. Their CEO, Nick Woodman says the reason behind this wasn’t because they weren’t effectively advertising the product, it was because they were behind in production and couldn’t make enough GoPros to meet the demands of the consumers. See link below for more details.

After their large drop in income, GoPro created their first ever scripted TV ad. The purpose of this ad was to show people that with a GoPro you can be more “in the moment” on your adventures. We can all find ourselves hidden behind our phones while on vacations or hanging out with friends, and GoPro can help you to capture what is going on while enjoying it at the same time. But, it’s interesting that they tried to tell people to stop taking videos while taking a video. If the demand really was still high, why would they need to create this new scripted ad? See below for the ad.

I believe that user generated content effectively advertised this product at first. It was cool and exciting so see what you could all do yourself, but this soon wore off. I think that the main reason there was a downfall in 2016 was because there are many different products out there now that are cheaper and do the same thing. It seems that almost everyone has some kind of camera nowadays, so the novelty of a GoPro has worn off. Do you think that GoPro will be seeing any more success in their future, or has their time passed?

Zildjian Bartels

NAB Show 2016 Recap

Ten students from the University of Northern Iowa had the opportunity to participate in the 3rd Annual Expedition to the NAB Show in Las Vegas this spring. They studied everything from post production editing and media distribution to the latest trends in virtual reality. Check out their videos on the UNI Digital Media Leadership YouTube channel and like our Facebook Page for more post-show updates!

NAB Show 2016 Overview

Here is an overview of the NAB Show 2016. This will give you look and the size and scope of the convention and a taste of the fun these students had.


Post Production Overview

Check out the latest in post production software and equipment. These students got a firsthand look at the latest products from companies like Black Magic, Adobe, and GoPro.


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality was a hot topic this year at the NAB Show. Media producers are experimenting with new ways of storytelling and incorporating VR into new media work flows.

Media Distribution

The world of media distribution is constantly changing and the sources of revenue for content has shifted a lot in the last few years. See how come companies are staying ahead of the curve.


Special thanks to the IBA for making this trip possible! We’re looking forward to next year’s trip and planning to bring you more great content straight from the NAB Show floor.

NAB Show 2016 UNI Digital Media Leadership

Are You A Hero? An Analysis of GoPro’s Marketing Strategy

GoPro. A brand name that has been associated with some of the most intense videos that we’ve ever seen on social media and television. Why is GoPro considered to be one of the fastest growing camera companies in the world, and what has helped them become what they are today? The answer is simple: GoPro’s marketing strategy. In this post I will give a brief history and introduction to GoPro, what its marketing strategy is, whether or not its strategy is effective, and then end with a question of how its strategy could be altered and what that could mean for GoPro.

GoProIn 2002, Nick Woodman returned from a surfing trip in Australia where he was disappointed because he was unable to get the footage he wanted of the trip because the required equipment was expensive and not readily available to non-professionals. After building several prototypes of a camera that could satisfy his needs, Woodman released the first GoPro Hero based on the 35mm film camera in 2005. Only a year later the Digital GoPro Hero was released. Since then, GoPro has released several models, but its most recent model is the Hero 4 Black which is capable of 4K video at 30 frames per second.

So what makes GoPro’s marketing strategy so special compared to similar companies? Before we define why GoPro is so successful at marketing its products, we should look at one of their most recent advertisements. The advertisement below is their most recent ad and was shown during the Super Bowl this year.

This ad and many of its ads in the past have one thing in common: they were all constructed from User Generated Content. GoPro’s customers construct their ads for them by submitting videos of themselves using the product in the field. This is genius. On one hand you accomplish the task of “showing rather than telling” in regards to advertising the product and on the other hand you don’t have to coordinate a brainstorm session for your next commercial idea; users do it for you and all you have to do is pick your favorite videos.

GoProHowever, GoPro’s marketing strategy accomplishes more than just giving the production team producing these commercials a break, it sells the idea of personal heroism. With each GoPro ad we see, we begin to see that we are capable of capturing the interesting angles that we see in our favorite professional videos of extreme sports athletes. GoPro’s name and its slogan “be a hero” all connect back to the main theme of personal heroism by allowing the user to feel as if they are a professional.

GoPro pushes the limits of story-telling and engages its audience by celebrating the adventurers who use their products by featuring them in their videos online. GoPro showcases its favorite videos submitted by their customers on their YouTube channel, which has helped GoPro become one of the most successful brands on YouTube.

Because of GoPro’s connection with its customers on many social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) it is able to reinforce brand loyalty by creating the opportunity for a user’s content to be used to sell the product. This connection via its user-centered marketing strategy and a product that is customizable, has a compact design, and is user-friendly is what has allowed GoPro to become one of the most successful camera companies in history.

After looking at GoPro’s marketing strategy it is easy to why GoPro is so successful and why it is a perfect example how social media can create a strong brand identity. In addition to selling its products through User Generated Content, GoPro also markets its cameras by giving them to celebrities and professional athletes. What kind of promotional content do you think has a greater influence on the target audience: content created by the average person or content created by celebrities/athletes?

Kyle Stoutenberg