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Can You Help Me With This Title?

Ok, so I may not actually be looking for help with the title for this blog post.  But it got your attention didn’t it?  It may have even gotten you to read this far into the post. This is the sort of tactic that Doritos is said to be the best at.  The tactic?  Participatory marketing.

Participatory marketing is a strategy that is being used more and more these days.  Companies ask for input or help from their consumers in many different things from ad ideas, to new products.  It is easier to do now because communication between consumer and distributor is much easier than in the past.

It has turned into a hit because the younger generations love to feel like they are a part of something.  So if a company asks for people’s help, it makes it that much more likely that those people that participate will want to consume the product they are “helping” with.

Doritos Super BowlSo this is where Doritos comes in.  Doritos is known as one of the best companies in participatory marketing by several successful campaigns over the last ten years.  The mastermind behind these campaigns is President of Global Snacks Group and Pepsico Global Insights, Ann Mukherjee.  Ann has put an emphasis on user generated advertising since she joined Pepsico in 2005.  “76 percent of purchase decisions are influenced before consumers even start shopping,” said Mukherjee when talking about the importance of participatory marketing.

This just proves how important it is to get your name out there and get into good favor with consumers so your product is already on their mind as they go out.  This article does a great job of going into detail about the benefits of not only doing participatory marketing, but doing it right.

The first of the campaigns was “Crash the Super Bowl” that started in 2006.  I will talk a little bit more about this in detail in a second.  The second campaign was in 2007, the Doritos Flavor Experiment.  This campaign was asking the consumers to help them name new flavors of Doritos.  This may not seem that significant, but it did set a base for the other campaigns that they were doing and would do in the future.

Doritos FinalistThe next campaign that they did was in 2010, the Doritos Unlock Xbox competition.  This was where they asked the consumers to create a video game around Doritos.  The winning game ended up being “Doritos Crash Course”, which you could download for free on the Xbox store.  It ended up getting downloaded over 1.4 million times.  It was their second most successful participatory campaign that they have had.

Another thing that this did was really connected to Doritos’ gamer demographic.  A lot of times Doritos is synonymous with video games and gaming.  This kind of came about because for a long time Doritos has paired with different video games to promote the video game and Doritos, putting the game on the bag and putting game codes inside the bags for consumers to use.

The last major campaign I am going to talk about is the aforementioned “Crash The Super Bowl” campaign.  This has been by far the most successful campaign that Doritos has done.  Ever since 2006, Doritos has asked fans to make the Doritos ads for the Super Bowl.  They get a great showing every year for the competition, getting thousands of entries every year.  The winner of the competition always wins a great prize as well.

This year, the winner got $1,000,000 and got to help work on a D.C. Comics project with Warner Brothers.  Every year during the Super Bowl, the Doritos commercials are almost always in the debate for best commercial.  Their creativity is second to none and how could that be matched?  Doritos gets thousands of people’s ideas and gets to choose the best one.

The production quality of these commercials has gotten better and better throughout the year.  If you compare the 2006 winner in the first year, to this year’s finals winner, you can really tell the difference in overall quality.  This campaign has done a great job of making a name for the classic snack and really makes the advertisements that everybody wonders “what’s coming this year” in the Super Bowl ads.

Overall Doritos has done a great job in the field of participatory marketing and I expect to see more and more companies reaching out to their consumers to try and include them in some of the decisions they make about different products.

Elliott Eggleston