Streaming TV: Is Amazon Prime the Jester?

Netflix is the King of streaming TV. Hulu is the Prince. Is Amazon Prime the Jester? Is Amazon relevant in this online streaming war? Amazon has made huge strides in online shopping. However, online video streaming is a different story for Amazon.

amazon primeLet’s begin with Amazon Prime vs Netflix. Prime costs a dollar less per month than Netflix which is nice, but is it really? According to money expert Matt Granite from USA Today, he says that Netflix has more selection and a better interface than Amazon. However, Amazon Prime gives you free two-day shipping and unlimited photo storage.

Next is Hulu. According to Business Insider, Hulu costs $7.99 per month (with ads) while Prime is about $8.25 per month. So Hulu is cheaper (at the expense of watching ads), but what does that mean for Amazon Instant Video? Well, Amazon does not have ads, but Hulu can get you the latest television episodes.

If you want to know how many subscribers each video streaming service has, here are some statistics. Netflix has more than 86 million subscribers worldwide (CNN Money), Amazon Prime has around 60 million subscribers (CNBC), and Hulu has around 12 million (CNN Money).

Amazon Prime Man In The High Castle

According to Caroline Nolan from The Street, “Without Amazon Prime membership, you will be paying $12 on average for two-day shipping on each purchase.” (Nolan, 1). If I bought two items from Amazon every month with two-day shipping without Prime, that would equal around $288 every year. However, this is shopping and spending all that extra money might be a problem!

I think a huge obstacle with Amazon Prime is their name. When people think of Amazon Prime, they think online shopping and not online video streaming. What Amazon needs is a clever name, and I might be able to help.

What Amazon should have called their online video streaming service is Amazon River. That is clever compared to Amazon Prime or Amazon Instant Video. It helps Amazon by making them more diversified. So Jeff Bezos, if you’re reading this, call me.

Anyway, when it comes to online video streaming, Netflix is the King (or Queen), Amazon is the Prince (or Princess), and Hulu seems to be lowly Jester. Amazon is relevant in the streaming wars, but I think they need to work on their identity. So, Amazon is relevant, but at the same time they almost aren’t, due to an undefined identity.

So, which is the best? Well, it depends. If you want television shows and you want it cheap, you can choose Hulu. If you want television and movies together, you can choose Netflix. If you are an online shopper and are not much of a television watcher but still want online video streaming, you can choose Amazon Prime.

What also matters is what shows and movies you want to watch. Amazon has Transparent and The Man in the High Castle, Netflix has Stranger Things and Luke Cage, and Hulu has The Awesomes and The Mindy Project.

I have also received word that Hulu has struck a deal with Disney and Fox to have live sports. This is exciting to see and unexpected to see. We’ll see what happens to Hulu in the future. This of course is a conversation for a different time.

Personally, I love Amazon Prime. I have had it for about a couple years now and I am quite satisfied with the two-day shipping and television shows. That is of course when I have time to watch them. The Man in the High Castle is pretty good.

What do you think about the streaming wars? Do you have Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, or all three? Comment below and tell me what you think.

Kyle Konigsmark

4 thoughts on “Streaming TV: Is Amazon Prime the Jester?

  1. When I first had Amazon Prime I remember their movie selection being incredibly poor. All they had were the scraps left behind from Netflix, Hulu and other established streaming sites, and it seemed like an unnecessary addition. I subscribed for the free two-day shipping. However, over the past few years, Amazon really stepped up their game – expanding their collection with quality content and even having some of their originals win awards. I’d say years ago, Amazon was the jester, but today they have their own kingdom that pressures borders of Netflix and Hulu.

  2. I like how in your article, even though you did give your own opinion, you let the reader decided which of the 3 services they think is best by comparing all of them.
    I agree with you about the streams wars, that Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are the 3 main competitors and Netflix is king, Hulu is the prince and Amazon is the Jester. While I do occasionally use Netflix, I do not personally pay it. I use my friend’s or my roommate’s account. I do not watch Netflix often enough to pay a monthly fee for it in my opinion. I do not have Hulu. I do have Amazon Prime, however, I am currently using the 6 month student free trial. I actually did not know Amazon had a video streaming service until earlier this semester and have been using Amazon Prime mostly for their online shopping advantages. I have yet to fully explore their streaming services, but your presentation and article has made me curious.

  3. I initially bought Amazon Prime for the free two day shipping. I was a Prime member for a full year before I realized they had their own streaming service, let alone exclusive content. I could name off a handful of Netflix, Hulu and HBO exclusive shows while I could not tell you one Amazon Prime exclusive show. What this means to me is that either Amazon is not conducting effective marketing or the content that is hosted leaves much to be desired (or perhaps both). However, Amazon is an incredibly innovate company and you would be safe to bet that they are looking to expand their Prime streaming services to a seriously competitive level.

  4. Honestly I think amazon prime could be moving up soon. Netflix has been dying in my opinion, I hardly ever go to netifix anymore. Netflix has too many old and out dated movies and tv shows in my opinion. I think Hulu or HBO will go to the top then Amazon Prime will follow

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