Social Media Marketing: How Music Festivals Are Advertising FO FREE

SMO or Social Media Optimization seems to be the game changer in today’s media driven world. Social media is an extremely easy and cheap way to market any brand and is accessible to basically anyone. So it only makes sense that there is still a more efficient way of using a free and open service. The music industry is one segment of the media that has taken full advantage of social media and its marketing practices. In this article I will discuss the ways in which music festivals such as Tomorrowland, EDC, Electric Forest, and Okeechobee use social media as their primary marketing medium.

YouTube: YouTube is known for entertaining others with it’s user generated content. It also houses a lot of paid for advertising that are at the beginning of most videos. Music festivals however, have found a better way to market than just paying for ads. Instead, they create trailers, after movies, sneak peek, and production videos for their youtube channel. Tomorrowland owes a lot of their global recognition to its Aftermovie views on YouTube.

Click the photo to experience the magic of Tomorrowland.

Twitter: Twitter has become the reliable source for festival information. When I am looking for an updated lineup or tour dates, my first search is within Twitter. It has also become the number one place for a flow of communication between the consumers and businesses. With Twitter holding business accountable, customer service has been able to improve as well.

Electric Forest

Snapchat: Snapchat is used in a number of different ways. Sometimes the festivals hardly have to participate and curated user generated content advertises for itself. Recently, festivals have been creating their own Snapchat name and allowing artists to take over the account in order to advertise the event and get people interested. It’s shameless self promotion for both the artists and the festival, what a win win.

Instagram: Instagram has become the platform for different competitions, such as photo contests, scavenger hunts, or voting for new DJs to perform. Since Instagram is basically archived photos, it creates a feeling of nostalgia for those that have attended previous events. For prospective attendees, short clips and photos give an individual an idea of what the environment will be like.


Facebook: Facebook groups are not only a way to advertise and create an event, but also a way to connect people who have similar interests. In the cases of festivals, a lot of groups are created in order to share festival information, help consumers trade tickets, and also collaborate on camping groups or car rides. It helps build a community before the event begins.

Austin Red Smith

These are just a few of the ways in which social media can be used to market. To check out more tips for social media marketing. click here.

Partnerships: In addition to utilizing social media to its fullest degree, partnerships are also a huge part of advertising for music festivals. Common partnerships are made with companies like Red Bull, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Pandora, Sirius XM, Coke, and more. These partners oftentimes hold their own ad campaigns using footage from previous events. They also host VIP lounges, where they give out samples, play games, and interact with attendees. These partnerships end up being great ways for both businesses to gain exposure. An example of some partnerships made with Okeechobee this year can be found at the bottom of their webpage.

So as we conclude, I hope that this article has not only convinced you of the magic behind social media marketing, but it has also peaked your interests in music festivals and similar events. Especially now that you know all the information is housed right there in your twitter feed.

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2 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing: How Music Festivals Are Advertising FO FREE

  1. The influence that social media has is huge. Especially in the case of music festivals, social media is how I decide whether or not I want to attend a concert or music festival. A few years ago I saw a recap video of a New Years Eve festival in Denver, Colorado (Decadence) and I bought my plane ticket and show ticket a week later because it looked awesome. Also, it’s extremely easy to find out about all of these festivals because there will always be someone on my friends list sharing a picture of the line up or some cool recap video of a past festival. So yeah, social media is an amazing channel to market to and target people like me. I just wish I wasn’t a poor college student because I’d go to all of them.

  2. That was an awesome Aftermovie of Tomorrowland! Very well done in production quality and it made me want to go to that event or one like it. It’s no wonder the strategy to utilize that free resource is successful. I haven’t been to a festival like this but I have seen a lot of videos for festivals like this which makes me wonder what strategy, if any, they have for competing with other festivals. Their target audience appears to be mostly college-age individuals. With that in mind, most college students have a very limited income, which means they have a tough decision to make… Which festival(s) should they attend? Based on that video, the well established festivals may not really need to give this much thought, but how do the smaller ones (like Dancefestopia maybe) differentiate themselves?

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