Sausage Party: Another Step in America’s Global Entertainment Conquest

Sausage Party has been experiencing an unexpected wave of success. This wouldn’t be noteworthy, except the movie is an R-rated animated comedy. The key word being animated. Its success could be the spark needed to ignite a new era in American entertainment: the era of animated movies made for adults.



Sausage Party is an interesting movie. The heroic journey of a sausage who falls in love with a bun catches one’s attention. This kind of movie would never have been produced had it not been for animation. It was animated because it was the best option; however, no studio wanted to touch it with a ten-foot pole.


south-park-bigger-longer-uncutFrom what I have seen, the biggest reason centers around the past performances of adult animated movies. The most notable one being the South Park movie. South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, was released in 1999 and was successful.

Notice anything wrong with that sentence?

It was successful, but there were almost two decades between it and Sausage Party. Between the two, there hasn’t been any successful R-rated animated movie. The movie Hell and Back performed poorly, Anomolisa was praised by critics, but it bombed at the box office.

The South Park movie did well because it already had an established audience, with a TV show that is still going strong in its 20th season.

The other adult animated movies did not have an established audience and suffered because of it. I would say that’s because the animated movies were not good movies, but Hollywood sees something common among them. They were all animated movies that targeted adults.

Hollywood sees how well Disney and Pixar do with animated movies aimed at kids and then assumes an animated movie past the PG rating won’t do well. Sausage Party came along and proved that to be untrue.

If Hollywood needs further proof, then they can look at any of the long running animated series geared towards adults. South Park, Family Guy, or the Simpsons are shining examples. All three have been running longer than many popular live action series. It’s not hard to see that animation can be successful in more than kid’s movies.

If Hollywood is nervous about the overseas market, then they shouldn’t be. The Anime industry has effectively captured the world’s attention by not solely targeting children.

Anime is a massive worldwide entertainment industry. It reaches about 87.2% of the world’s population and is one of Japan’s largest exports. Some anime is meant for kids, with Studio Ghibli creating kid-friendly and more serious movies. But the majority of Anime is targeted at teens and adults. Anime contains a multitude of genres that appeal to a variety of audiences around the world. But America has yet to hop on the adult animation train.

studio-ghibliI personally hope America gets on the animation train as soon as they can. Sausage Party is a great start, but I hope some other movies come out soon. I love the artistic freedom animation gives directors. Hopefully they will love it too.

Disney and Pixar already make great animated movies and enjoy the freedom it gives them. Sausage Party is a bastion of hope for animation. It’s an R-rated animated movie made by an American studio. That’s something fresh and I like it.

There’s still a plethora of questions to be answered. Will R-rated animation catch on if ever in America? Or will it always stay kid friendly? Are people ready to see more animated movies for adults? What other reasons would keep American studios away from animation aimed at adults?

Only time will tell, but I have hope for the future of American animation.

Sam King

5 thoughts on “Sausage Party: Another Step in America’s Global Entertainment Conquest

  1. I have hope for American animation as well, but I feel like it will only happen the way South Park happened and the way Sausage Party happened… With an established following. Seth Rogen has a HUGE following, which I think is part of why Sausage party was so successful. As technology continues to progress, I think animation will be cheaper and cheaper and therefore a more and more feasible option for producing quality content in everything from marketing to major motion pictures. I have not seen Sausage Party yet but I have a feeling I will thoroughly enjoy it.

    1. I have not yet seen the movie Sausage Party, but this is a very interesting concept to me. You mentioned how long it has been since the last animated movie in this genre has been released. This type of adult-humored, animated genre is very popular on television. I know a lot of people that watch shows like South Park and Family Guy all the time. So why have film makers not made the move to try this style? Especially being that there were successful movies like the South Park movie was very successful. I think Sausage Party kind of brought this to light and I think we will be seeing more of these films. The only question is: will these movies continue to be successful or are they only doing well so far because they are new and fresh?

  2. I think now that Sausage Party has proven that their is a need to adult animated movies more will come to follow. Pretty much any Disney or Pixar movie has adult humor thrown in to them to make them entertaining for older crowds so why can’t there be entire movies dedicated to this demographic. I have not seen this movie yet but I think you just convinced me to check it out.

  3. While I have yet to see Sausage Party it’s success has me excited for the future of American animation. I have always been a fan of animation. Whether it has been Disney or Pixar type animation with kid friendly themes or shows like family guy that have more adult themes. I agree with you on that anime has managed to do what American animation has not and that is consistently appeal to an adult audience. It almost seems that for Americans animation has to be associated with a comedic theme and can’t be serious or have a strong storyline. As you stated only time can tell, but there is hope for American animation.

  4. I can only see the market(s) to expand for animation films along this line. First, the Millennial generation can only want more of this. Second, who knows “Sausage Party” may have now attracted a fan base that will demand for more movies. Knowing my humor and my friends humor, movies like so fit right up our totem pole of our scummy humor. I think this “Sausage Party” is onto something, and has cracked the lid of this type of animation film.

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