Piracy: Stealing the Industry’s Booty

It’s a Thursday evening, you’re tired and just looking to have a “chill” evening. Maybe you’ll invite that girl or guy you’ve been chatting with on social media over, but then what will you do? You could pay five dollars at Marcus Theatres, but realistically that is just too expensive of a price to pay for a movie, especially on a college budget. So you do the next best thing (or so you think…) and hop on Kickasstorrents or The Pirate Bay to stream that new film you’ve been wanting to see. You hope to impress your date by entertaining them without spending a dime or leaving the house, but let’s take a look at what’s really being forfeited here.

The Pirate BayWhen you look at the bigger picture, the one that resides outside of your janky two-bedroom apartment, you would see the industry is losing a lot by people streaming pirated films. According to forbes.com, some independent film distributors, such as Wolfe Video, have seen their profits cut completely in half by piracy. This could result in projects being scrapped altogether for fear they won’t make the big bucks. The other thing you should consider is when you neglect to pay for your content, is that someone’s salary somewhere could potentially be affected. Do you want to explain to little Jimmy that his parents won’t be able to feed him because you “can’t afford” five-dollar movie night?

But the industry is fighting back. Since most of the time it’s streaming and convenience that you want, they created popular pay for sites that people are more willing to buy into to get their content. These services include such as Netflix, Hulu, HBOGO, Spotify, and Itunes. I bet you never suspected you were fighting a battle against the pirates while partaking in “Netflix and Chill.” Not only can any of these be downloaded as an app to your favorite technological device, but they are also a pay monthly service giving you a ton of great content for one low price that even you can afford (at least we should hope so.)

Of course, there are still a few loopholes to this method of fighting piracy, one being password sharing.

Sharing your password with someone outside of your family or household is very common and in a report by Variety is apparently taking away $500 million from the industry. However, it doesn’t seem to have any negative effect on them as of now, but don’t be surprised if these guys start cracking down in the near future. You might need stop using your grandma’s lover’s son’s college roommate’s password, and get your own one of these days.

Sam Fickett

4 thoughts on “Piracy: Stealing the Industry’s Booty

  1. I do agree that pirating content will lead to reduced future content. The downside to available content online is that the content is limited. Where does one go when they want to watch Turbo Kid and it’s almost impossible to find. The more content that gets put on those streaming cites, the better off they will be.

  2. We might see a reduction in indie content with these online pirates. But I do believe that the more content available online, not through subscription so-to-say, that is easier to get at a high quality standard will decrease pirating. Even though password sharing is a big hit on the industry there might be a way that they can ’embrace’ it and use that towards their advantage.

  3. Piracy is a function of luxury media. I think people will copy something they own and distribute it to others, predominantly because they can. Everybody want stuff, and will get it someway or another. I think DRM is the worst thing that could happened to all forms of media. It incentivises people to pirate content, due to the fact that it’s usually easier to use because the pirate who uploads it has already circumvented the thing that makes it hard for paying customers to use.

  4. It’s interesting to think that the movie industry is losing so much from piracy. Even if they are in on the streaming services profits they still have to be taking a significant loss. If you and your potential net flux and chill partner are watching a movie on that service only one of you is paying for it…. If you’re even paying at all.

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