Overwatch: The Next Team Fortress 2?

“It’s high noon,” is a quote by McCree who is one of my favorite characters from Overwatch. Blizzard released the game Overwatch last year and it was met with raving success. Overwatch has had stunning marketing results, but will Overwatch become a trend in the near future?

OverwatchCelebrity Terry Crews recently did a video that came out this month. He did a mock audition for Overwatch character Doomfist. People are still playing Overwatch if Terry Crews just did an endorsement deal for Blizzard right?

According to Direct Marketing News Perry Simpson, he listed five reasons Overwatch worked well: brand integrity, powerful influencers, high accessibility, UGC (user-generated content), and a high-quality product.

However, the Gamespulp website reported that Overwatch is slowing down. The website claimed that the characters are part of the reason why the game is not doing so well. The website also stated that there’s no unlocks and loot boxes don’t count. Finally, you already have unlocked all the characters and abilities. What else?

Well, in all fairness, Overwatch currently has around 20 million players according to IGN along with an almost perfect review. Blizzard made a really good game here. So why people think that a game like this be slowing down? One word: trend.

A trend is a popular style that lasts for a brief period in time. Trends usually do not last more than a year. A good example of a trend that has lasted is the word ‘cool.’ So, does that mean that Overwatch is a terrible game? No. Of course not. It’s just that some (including myself) see this game as a trend. I haven’t played Overwatch in months now and I don’t really want to.

Overwatch is like World of Warcraft or Runescape. There is a dedicated, loyal fan base for these games, but it is like a trend. World of Warcraft has gained subscribers, but has lost many subscribers over the years.

Overwatch is a fun game to play however and with twenty-two characters to choose from. A good variety of maps, weapons, abilities, and unique character’s backstories. The game is multiplayer only which might be a reason why this game is slowing down. How would a single player campaign work? I’m not sure.

What can Blizzard do since Overwatch is kinda-of looked at as being a trend? Well, Blizzard could patch the game, maybe add new maps, add new characters, and perhaps a single player campaign. Will they do this? Again, I’m not sure.

Other than Overwatch being rumored as a trend, I want to look more in-depth of the game’s marketing. Let’s compare Valve’s Team Fortress 2 to Overwatch due to the similarities. Overwatch seems to have a similar art style, character style, and general map rotation.

According to PCGamesN, Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch’s game director expressed his thoughts on the Team Fortress 2 comparison from a fan’s question during Blizzcon. He said, “Team Fortress 2 is one of my favorite games of all time, but we’re going in a different design direction than they are. If people want to compare Overwatch to Team Fortress 2, we would take that as the world’s greatest compliment,” said Kaplan.

Sure, Overwatch is not a complete copy of Team Fortress 2, but there are many similarities. Not to mention how Valve marketed Team Fortress 2. For example, Valve marketed and showed off Team Fortress 2 characters just like Overwatch. They made one video for each of their characters.

Blizzard has even reached out to a popular film channel on YouTube known as RocketJump formerly known as FreddieW. The video came out October 2016. They advertised Heroes of the Storm more, but they do have Overwatch character Tracer in it. It sounds like Blizzard is still trying to keep Overwatch relevant.

What are your thoughts on Overwatch? Do you think Blizzard implemented a marketing genius game or will people lose interest in this game very soon? Tell me in the comments below! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends. Thank you!

Kyle Konigsmark

4 thoughts on “Overwatch: The Next Team Fortress 2?

  1. I am a big fan of both Overwatch and TF2. They’re both great games and I’ve had a lot of fun with them. I’ve been thoroughly submerged in both games, so I think I’ve got a good perspective on this topic.

    I have seen some concern in the community that Overwatch is just a fad, but I strongly disagree with that opinion for a few reasons. One, this is a game by Blizzard. Blizzard is famous for supporting their games for what seems like forever. Diablo 2 is a great example. With Overwatch getting new characters every few months for free, I believe that alone with keep Overwatch a float. Two, another company that supports its games for infinity is Valve, the makers of TF2. TF2 will be turning ten this year and that is extremely old for a video game; however, TF2 has stayed relevant over the years thanks to Valve’s support.

    Blizzard’s support of Overwatch seems to be just as strong if not stronger than what Valve’s support was for TF2. If that truly is the case, I don’t think Overwatch will vanish anytime soon.

  2. While I have not played Overwatch extensively I have seen the content and I do enjoy much of the content (official and otherwise) surrounding it. I don’t agree with the notion that Overwatch is a fad. Blizzard has a long track record of keeping old games (WOW & Starcraft 2 for example) relevant with new and fresh updates. In addition they have earned a lot of loyalty through comics and animated shorts which will help keep people playing for much longer.

  3. I am not familiar with TF2 but, I am a huge fan of Overwatch. I do agree in saying that loot boxes aren’t worth anything, but I do not this lack of incentive will push people away from the game. I think Blizzard is doing a good job of releasing new characters, maps and seasonal game-modes that people will be playing this game for years to come.

  4. I am a huge fan of Team Fortress 2, and for the beginning of it’s cycle, Overwatch. Maybe its the cynic in me that wants to say fans will lose interest, or maybe its because I have a roommate who keeps calling it the “greatest video game of all time” and no I am not kidding he really does say that. But in truth the game isn’t slowing down and Blizzard has always been good to its community. As a fan of the concept and world of Overwatch, I would love to see a single player campaign. For most, this game is still fresh as day one, for me its as boring as Call of Duty. Can’t stress this enough though, I LOVE the concept and world that Blizzard created, I also LOVE Blizzard. I just don’t like the game play. In all this game will continue to be popular and draw audiences from everywhere, even if there are cynics like me out there.

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