Not So Fast, Fox Sports

There has been a lot of hype around the new Fox Sports 1 station being the second best sports broadcasting company lately, but are people overlooking other sports broadcasting companies? CBS Sports would be the first to say that people are jumping on the Fox Sports bandwagon too soon.

CBS Facts

CBS broadcasts more than 25 men’s and women’s collegiate sports. They broadcast more than 400 live sporting events in a calendar year. CBS Sports is focused on collegiate athletics, as it will broadcast over 50 college football games and over 200 college basketball games this season.

CBS Sports Radio

CBS Sports RadioJust a little over a year ago, CBS created the largest major market sports radio network in the nation. The station debuted on January 2nd of this year.

“In this era of growing multimedia platforms, the addition of a national radio network to CBS Sports’ broadcast, cable and digital properties allows us to extend the storied CBS Sports brand to radio listeners across the country,” said Sean McManus, Chairman, CBS Sports. “We are pleased CBS Sports Radio will allow fans to consume CBS Sports content on a different platform from some of the most recognizable and respected broadcasters in the industry.” To read more about this, click here.

CBS Strategy

CBS has a very different strategy than that of its competitors, and that will not change with the launching of Fox Sports 1. “We’re not directly responding to what they’re doing by changing or altering our strategy,” Said McManus.

CBS is taking a very different route, instead of putting in hundreds of millions of dollars towards sports rights. CBS is playing it a little more conservative and not taking the big risks that Fox is. “We are trying to build our company more slowly and more strategically,” said McManus.

Let’s Compare the Two

FOX-Sports-1-LogoCBS has the advantage when it comes to college football as they have a contract with the SEC, which has won the last seven national championships and is known as the powerhouse conference.

FOX has the advantage when it comes to MLB, NASCAR, and UFC, as CBS doesn’t have live coverage of those sports. CBS has the advantage in Golf and Tennis as FOX doesn’t have coverage of that, until 2015 when they will cover the US Open.

CBS has a huge advantage in college basketball. They have a partnership with Turner Sports (TNT, TBS) for March Madness. CBS hosts the Final Four every year and that brings in a lot of viewership and boosts their ratings.

The two are essentially equal when it comes to NFL as FOX covers the NFC and CBS covers the AFC. They alternate the Super Bowl between each other. Here is a video of Chairman, Sean McManus, talking about the preparations of and details of covering a Superbowl.

So…Who’s Better?

Fox Sports has definitely done the most lately to make it seem like they are the apparent leader of the two, but I think it depends on the person and their taste of sports. I like the way that CBS has taken the lower route and played it slow. They already have a lock down on College Basketball and Golf. They’re equal when it comes to NFL, so it’s all up for debate.

What does the ‘Fox’ say to that? And what do you think—is CBS a contender?

Acie Glassford

2 thoughts on “Not So Fast, Fox Sports

  1. I think that Fox is the clear #2 competitor and that it’s not really close. In order to compete with the likes of ESPN, you need a viable cable network that provides what ESPN does. Fox does that with FS1, while CBSSN is far from being that for CBS. The deals that the parent networks have are essentially equal, but at the heart of it, the parent networks aren’t trying to compete with ESPN because that is a completely different niche, they are instead competing with the other Big 4 networks for audiences for shows outside of sporting events. In fact, I would possibly go so far as to say that NBC is a closer competitor to ESPN than CBS is, though that’s closer. CBS has some very nice things going for it, but I think they’re still a distant afterthought in the world of sports broadcasting.

  2. I think a huge advantage CBS has over Fox is the March Madness college basketball deal they have. I love watching the final games and see who is crowned champions of college basketball. But Fox does have a lot of other plus’ that I think makes them number 2 behind the vastly ahead ESPN. I love what Fox Sports is doing with their soccer coverage, and especially the European Barclays and UEFA coverage. I always wanted to watch my favorite clubs play and now I have an outlet to do so!

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