Taking Risks to Keep Business Growing: Nike Stands Up For Colin Kaepernick

It’s Nike and Colin Kaepernick vs NFL and The Constitution. Nike shows confidence in an emotional ad, and believing statistically that it will pay off in the long run.

Knowing that their competition can’t compete, and as they control a large percentage of sports marketing, Nike felt a urgency to take a stand for the former NFL Quarterback.

Nike is taking a stand for something that shows leadership. They are risk takers that are well known for taking risks in the past. Nike believes in succeeding through taking risks. The unemployed former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick is now the new face of Nike. The ad tag line is: Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything”

NikeNike knows what they are doing having had that much experience of success over many years. Nike is very predictable on production outcomes after its product have been introduced to the market. This where Nike business is invested heavily.

Nike is leading in sales in the industry and the results show quality content in advancing their product to stay ahead of competitors. The competition has to sit and take the back seat on a lot of business arrangements, not able to take control of the market for sports apparel.

Nike is testing the sports apparel industry and facing competition from companies like Under Armour. Known for thriving off competition, Nike is first in trendsetting. They first to do almost all things before their competitors. Any product Nike releases by the company is one example of top notch quality sportswear and content.

Whatever business moves Nike decides to make easily produce a profit. Because of prior experience with dominating the competition, Nike knows that their competition cannot keep up. “When you are being challenged, you get busy, you hustle, and you do everything better.” Nike signed a contract in 2018 for eight years with the NBA jerseys and Apparel.

Nike  Nike

No NBA jerseys have ever had another logo on it, except for Adidas who was forced out its contract with the NBA. There have been big promotions with the Michael Jordan line of product by the company for WNBA and NBA.

Brands like Adidas and Reebok are only doing one new thing. Nike tends to respond better in these times, by promoting their products, and by caring for people. They show some differences to people, by selling emotional benefit encouraging all to “Just Do It.”

-Antonio Thornton

2 thoughts on “Taking Risks to Keep Business Growing: Nike Stands Up For Colin Kaepernick

  1. I think Nike did a really great job at signing Kap. I have heard that they only did it for the money and publicity but I think Nike’s company brand has always been on top and they looked at the opportunity and took it. Kap was standing up for something and risking his name and career in the process. Nike saw that and wanted to support that and show they believe in the same thing. Even though Nike did profit greatly off of the stunt, it was great to see them support someone when nobody else did.

  2. Nike really turned some heads with the latest Colin Kaepernick campaign. Nike is one of the most well known brands throughout the world, so the platform that they have to do major campaigns like this is tremendous. The Kaepernick campaign seems to be working for Nike, although it did draw some negative feedback. I think when a company has the money like Nike does, they can virtually advertise in whatever way they want and still make an impact in the minds of the consumers.

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