NFL Now: Fans Get a Football App

The NFL Now mobile and web application was released this past August to NFL fans everywhere. NFL Now provides game highlights, fantasy updates, news, and NFL Films content to users. There is a paid version ($1.99) where you can skip advertisements altogether and also download more content. With HBO Go just starting up as well as CBS’ addition to streaming content it was only a matter of time until the NFL entered the fray. Many NFL fans across the country were excited and upbeat about the possibilities that this application could have. Below is a commercial that ran before the app’s release.

According to the NFL, this application was visited more than 9 million times since the launch, higher than their predictions estimated. The NFL’s push to dig deeper into content that rights holders pay billions of dollars for is very interesting as well. As Ed Dresser, a former N.B.A. executive stated, “The trick is not to siphon too much value out of the pot being purchased by your rights holders.”

footballThe personalization aspect of NFL Now is what I believe is really going to drive people to download the app. When you first log on you must say what your favorite team is and from that point forward, your main screen is dedicated solely to that team’s content. This is a cool feature because for me all I care about is the Vikings, and if I have the option to get rid of the rest that would be great!

football2In the article entitled “The New NFL Now App – Upon Further Review” New England Patriots tech guru Bob Wallace breaks down NFL Now and what key points to look for as far as an NFL die-hard fan is concerned. This is a great analysis because the majority of people who download this app are big fans of the NFL and would enjoy this inside look. I personally found it interesting that this app had its own original series that you could view. The show “Finding Giants” about the scouting department of the New York Giants seemed to be an interesting concept and something I would like to watch.

One major drawback that some people might see is there is no live programming available on the NFL Now application. Seeing as how the NFL recently signed contracts with channels and DirecTV for billions of dollars to broadcast NFL games, the NFL is a few years away at the least to stream games over their own service. Personally I do not see this happening for many years but that is just my opinion.

football3With NFL Now bursting onto the scene as a viable streaming service, the NFL has again strengthened its already mighty hold on sports content and popularity. NFL Now, even being newly released, has the ability to become a household name for sports fans everywhere. NFL Now is again looking to be a successful addition to the already powerful NFL machine.

What would you like to see added to the NFL Now app in the future? How do you think the prior popularity of the NFL gives this app a head start among other professional sporting applications to be released in the future?

Brice Berger

2 thoughts on “NFL Now: Fans Get a Football App

  1. I think the app looks really good for now especially with the personalization aspect. They should definitely start trying to figure out a way to make it so someone can view live games on the go whether through paying money on the app or having someone watch ads during breaks in the game.

  2. I think this is just the initial response from the NFL to the recent trends of cord-cutting and second screen viewing. If they were to introduce the streaming of live games within this app for a subscription fee, we would probably see a huge rise of people trashing their cable plan (including myself) Honestly, this app in it’s current state doesn’t really provide any new features that we haven’t seen before (news, scores, live stats, etc.) so I think the NFL probably has a long-term plan with this app to roll out new features that are unique. I’m excited to see how this app pans out, because I would utilize this app to watch games instead of watching the broadcast.

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