New Technology From Apple – Is the Price Tag Worth It?

On September 12, 2018, Apple held their annual new product release and it featured three new phones and an impressive new watch. There was much anticipation to see the new upgrades from the previous year when we got the iPhone X. This year we saw a bigger jump in the price for the new products but that has been a consistent factor every year. Some people were let down with the new releases while others have been thinking Apple is starting to stray away from some markets and they are putting more focus towards others.


Apple unveiled three new smartphones at the event, the iPhone Xr, Xs and the Xs Max. The Xr is the cheaper version but still offers the OLED edge to edge screen and offers up to 5 different color choices. The Xs and Xs Max didn’t obtain too many significant changes other than an upgraded camera and faster processor chip and the Max has an impressive larger 6.5 inch screen.

Also the new Apple Watch boasts some new interesting features like an EKG sensor that can detect heart rate and has new fall detection. A new release of a dual sim and esim could be in the future iPhones and they offer consumers multiple different benefits, a few would be two numbers on one phone, significantly increased battery life, and phones with stronger and better material.

With the new iPhones released, it left customers confused why they should upgrade to the new phone. For example, users with the previous year’s iPhone X have little to no reason to upgrade unless they want a bigger screen, but the price tag might be holding them back. For certain users who don’t have the iPhone X, they could be interested in upgrading to the new phone for the new edge to edge screen and face unlock feature. But the new software update, iOs12 is claiming that older phones are working better which makes older phone users an even stronger reason not to upgrade

Apple’s new focus is on their ‘wearables’ category which includes their watch and airpods or headphones. They shared that their wearables market has grown around 50% each year and now holds an impressive $9 billion dollar industry that is around the size of a Fortune 500 company. The reason Apple boasts they’re so successful in this market is because of no real competitors. Fitbit is their greatest threat which is only a $1.4 billion dollar company and has shown signs of depression in the last year. Apple has said they want to join the market for over the ear headphones because of the market that Dr. Dre Beats currently are holding. Some of the future features they want to add to their wearable products are making them be Siri-enabled and waterproof with wireless charging. They think these key features could drag even more consumers away from other brands who don’t offer those features.

Apple currently is manufacturing their processing chips with Intel but noted that they want to eventually part ways with the company. Their goal is to make their chips in-house which would save them money in the long run and could provide bigger opportunities for improving their products.

Another big problem Apple has run into, is their artificial intelligence or AI. Smartphones with AI that can understand and interact with the consumer are going to be the future of technology and Apple is falling behind in the race. Google and Amazon have taken a lead in the AI race with Google having its pixel 2 smartphone being able to translate in real time and Amazon improving their already impressive home Alexa.

Apple has some big decisions they need to make in the next coming years if they want to stay in some markets or drop and focus heavily on others. What would you like to see from Apple in the future if you are a customer, or how do you think they should invest in the coming years?

-Jordan Stevenson

3 thoughts on “New Technology From Apple – Is the Price Tag Worth It?

  1. I have been invested in the Apple ecosystem for a long time, and I think it is a really interesting time to be looking into purchasing Apple products.
    One of the things, I think, Apple does really well is their seamless integration between their different products. I feel like I can get the same or very similar experiences from my iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.
    This year’s iPhone announcement was interesting since they announced two of their phones (the XS and XS Max) starting at $999, alongside the iPhone XR, a more “budget-friendly” model at $749.
    I think it will be interesting to see what Apple does in the wearable’s realm, especially with their headphones. Since acquiring Beats, they have released some new products, but I am interested what else they could do with it in the future. I think the next logical step is to put their speaker technologies into their laptops and possibly phones.
    I am excited to see what Apple will bring to the table in the next few years.

  2. I think the fall detection on the watch really only markets to the older generations. For people my age it is really of little or no importance. I also am upset to see that there was no new laptop, clearly that is a market they are straying away from. I am an Apple user and every time i get the newest model of the iPhone it tends to disappoint. I think Apple needs to focus on what is wrong with their other products instead of consistently making the iPhone bigger, or with better cameras (which are not good either). In order to keep a company like Apple up and running focusing on one individual product is dangerous.

  3. It will be very interesting to see if any of Apple’s competitors step up and steal some of their business. Right now, it doesn’t even feel like Apple is competing against anyone. Especially, like you said, in the wearables department. I find it odd that they didn’t improve on anything apart from screen size from last year to this year. Maybe it’s because they know they can afford to only make a few tweaks each year and people will still buy their new tech. I almost hope the new iPhone doesn’t sell well just because it would force Apple to be more innovative and push the boundaries of what they think is possible. It’s what Steve Jobs would’ve wanted, after all.

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