My Top Five Experiences at the NAB Show

Each year a convention is held for the National Association of Broadcasters to showcase their ideas and newest gadgets. I had the amazing opportunity of attending the NAB Show in Las Vegas this year from April 12-15, 2015 with a department professor and ten other peers within the Media Leadership major at the University of Northern Iowa. My expectations were greatly surpassed in all aspects, from the amazing tech tools and equipment displayed to the informative sessions we attended each day to learn all we could about the growing industry.

When walking into any of the four HUGE halls of the convention center, I wasn’t sure exactly what to do first or where to start my journey at the NAB Show. But after jumping into a few informative and entertaining sessions and visiting multiple exhibits and booths, I found out pretty quickly that there is truth behind the saying “time flies when you are having fun!” Here’s a look at my top five experiences at the NAB Show 2015!

5) Experiencing the Canon 4K Theatre

Canon used their 4K theatre to show NAB goers the newest technology in cameras and what it looks like on the big screen. Canon is soon releasing their newest gadget with 4K technology in the form of their professional-use 4K video camcorder, the XF-AVC. This new camera allows for more compact storage of video files, and works across various stages of the production process, from shooting to editing. It was really neat to see what progress is being made in the industry and what we can look forward to as developments continue to happen.

4) Meeting Adam Epstein, the “Saturday Night Live” Editor

adam epsteinWe sat in a session with Adam where he gave us the crazy details on the short film process with the Saturday Night Live crew. He discussed how working on a project that takes a year or two to finish compares to working on the weekly short films created in only 4-5 days for the SNL show each Saturday Night. For example, you might have a few weeks to take dozens of different shots with different angles and make the decision on which shot to go with, whereas with an SNL short film he may only have a few minutes to take all the shots they can and later in editing have a few more minutes to make the decision on which of the five shots to go with. When working at such a fast pace, like he does with the SNL short film crew, there isn’t much time for making decisions and wavering between “yes” and “no,” so he believes when working with such tight deadlines you have to learn how to go with your gut and keep on your toes.

3) Seeing Documentarian Morgan Spurlock

After seeing the movie Super Size Me, I was intrigued to hear from the man responsible for the film. He discussed how success sprouted from this simple documentary film, leading to his two documentary series “The 30 Day Challenge” and “Inside Man”. I also learned how he uses unique marketing tactics to advertise companies that may not otherwise be related to the video. For example, GE sponsored a Focus Forward Short Film Documentary about two women who have created a bike helmet that deploys when impact is detected. I was also very impressed with all of the additional documentaries he has been working on since, such as The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, and I’m anxious to check out more of them!

2) Attending the “Women in New Media” Panel

I had the privilege of listening to an accomplished panel of women talk about how they reached their success. Jenn Page (filmmaker and founder of production company Luminave Films), Jenna Edwards (independent writer, producer, and owner of “Create with Jenna” website), Kristen Nedopak (host of Geek Awards, actress, screenwriter, producer, director), and Sandra Payne (director, screenwriter, and producer at SPwrite Productions, LLC), answered questions regarding women’s roles in new media categories, such as podcasting, filmmaking, blogging, and documenting. Women are naturally social beings and we have our own stories and perspectives that we believe should be shared to the world, and therefore we have a lot to offer in the form of video and audio output mediums. These women shared stories that were both were inspiring and encouraging, not only to me as a woman, but also as an aspiring independent media producer.

1) GoPro

I had heard about GoPro cameras before attending the NAB Show, but knew them only as small cameras for attaching to a helmet to capture sporty videos. But I learned GoPro has so much more than that! With all of the supplementary add-ons and neat features and tricks you can use the Hero4 to capture just the right shot. They showed a neat compilation video on how the camera can be used underwater, attached to a helmet or your wrist, and even use the time lapse or slow motion features to customize your video. After exploring the exhibit and seeing the amazing quality of video and photos this little guy captures, I was hooked, and now I have to have one!

Of course this wasn’t all that I saw on the trip, but these are the highlights of my reel. It seemed like there wasn’t enough time in my three days at the convention to see all that there was to see. But we certainly made the most of our trip!

Ali Holtz

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