Media Distribution in Digital Age: New and Old Problems

New ways of distribution, media piracy, problems with niche media and media conglomerates issues – all of these topics were discussed at the conference “Net Worth: Media Distribution in the Digital Era” in Santa Barbara, California, held on February 18.
The problem of digital media practices was discussed by professors from different universities and representatives of companies such as Microsoft Corporation, Sony Home Entertainment, Walt Disney Studio, Warner Bros. and others.

The biggest problem media conglomerates see in the media today is still piracy.
“There is product devaluation and we blame piracy for that. Aggregation is also a problem,” complained Vice President Business Development and New Media Distribution Strategy of the Walt Disney Studios Kelly Summers. “We would like to take advantage of what our content people put on YouTube, but in that way we only endorse piracy.”

Executive Vice President of Advertising Research Foundation Global Business Strategy Horst Stipp says that consumers are interested in the “comfortable” delivery of media products. Therefore, there are illegal copies of media products always being readily produced and available.

“We see that consumers care about getting product in the most convenient way,”  says Horst Stipp.

As for the legal ways of distributing media, Summers says Disney Studios watch very carefully where their content goes. They are not focused on mobile TV  since not many people watch content just on their phones.”One more thing we are doing now is Disney Studio All Access,” says Summers.Disney Studio All Access is a new platform that combines Disney Movie Rewards, Disney Movies Online, DisneyFile Digital Copy and Disney Key Chest. This platform gives a new way of media distribution. It would enable consumers with easier access to the studio’s vaunted vault of classic content from one source and be playable across multiple devices.

Generally speaking, viewing experience has become different now than it ever was before. With TV’s connected to Internet, there is not only viewing, but also a connected experience.

“Soon things would be determined by what a network knows about you,”  says President Digital Distribution of Warner Bros. Thomas Gewecke.

Gewecke is sure that digital is now a significant part of the mix of media distributions.

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