Apple iPhone 4S?

Word on the street is that Apple is coming out with a new iPhone and it will be called the 4S.  The iPhone 4S is set to come out in September and is supposed to have minimal upgrades from the iPhone 4.  This is the same thing that Apple did when it came out with the iPhone 3G and then upgraded to the 3GS before moving to the 4.  Some of the changes include a better camera and a A5 Dual Core Processor which was just put into the iPad 2.

Sources say that Sprint and T-Mobile may get in on the mix and also become carriers of the iPhone 4S.  Sources also say that this phone will not have the 4G network along with it.  Then again 4G nationwide coverage is not even out yet so I do not see this as an impact on the phone.  As a carrier of Sprint I see this as awesome news and if the rumors are true I will most likely be switching from the Android powered cell phone to Apples’ iPhone.


– Steve Marksteiner

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