Is GoPro Dead?

When you think of GoPro advertisements, the first thing that might pop into your mind is an ad with footage of someone on a vacation or hiking in the mountains, right? What you may not know is that GoPro didn’t make these advertisements themselves. What’s unique about GoPro is that they use their consumer’s videos for their campaigns. The question is, does user generated content effectively advertise the product and make it successful?

GoProWhen purchasing something relatively expensive we are going to want to see reviews on the product. With GoPro, you can see the quality of the camera based on the videos created with them. People may assume that since GoPro advertises with user-generated content that the videos will be low quality and shaky, but this isn’t the case. Knowing that GoPro uses user-generated content makes their advertisements seem more genuine. Consumers are able to create high quality videos and are even advertising the product themselves by sharing it online. In fact, the company more than doubled their income by saving money with user generated content. Instead of spending advertising money on video equipment, a director, and a cast they have one person do take their product, create content, and share it online.

GoProThen the company thought, since consumers are basically advertising for us, why not reward them for their work? So, they introduced GoPro Awards. Every week they would pick photographs from three different categories and the winners would receive $500.They also gave awards for video content in two different categories: $1,000 for unedited footage and $5,000 for edited footage. They created these categories so that amateurs would have a chance at winning money too. The winners of these awards have a chance at making even more money. If GoPro liked their content a lot and wanted to license it to ad agencies, the creator would receive some of that licensing money.

However, in November 2016, it was released that GoPro’s income dropped by 330% compared to the year before. They lost $84 million in three months and their stock dropped 15%. This, obviously, made a lot of their investors angry. Their CEO, Nick Woodman says the reason behind this wasn’t because they weren’t effectively advertising the product, it was because they were behind in production and couldn’t make enough GoPros to meet the demands of the consumers. See link below for more details.

After their large drop in income, GoPro created their first ever scripted TV ad. The purpose of this ad was to show people that with a GoPro you can be more “in the moment” on your adventures. We can all find ourselves hidden behind our phones while on vacations or hanging out with friends, and GoPro can help you to capture what is going on while enjoying it at the same time. But, it’s interesting that they tried to tell people to stop taking videos while taking a video. If the demand really was still high, why would they need to create this new scripted ad? See below for the ad.

I believe that user generated content effectively advertised this product at first. It was cool and exciting so see what you could all do yourself, but this soon wore off. I think that the main reason there was a downfall in 2016 was because there are many different products out there now that are cheaper and do the same thing. It seems that almost everyone has some kind of camera nowadays, so the novelty of a GoPro has worn off. Do you think that GoPro will be seeing any more success in their future, or has their time passed?

Zildjian Bartels

4 thoughts on “Is GoPro Dead?

  1. No the GoPro is not dead. You have to remember that a GoPro camera is very good for first-person shots, videos, or films. The GoPro does have one distinct feature: the name. Since there are so many different cameras, it is essentially a brand recognition war. GoPro doesn’t have a problem with that. If you ever pull out a small camera or say to someone that you are recording in first person, they immediately say that you are using a GoPro instead of let’s say an Akaso ek7000. As long as they keep up with their brand recognition, GoPro is going to stay in the market for a fairly long time.

  2. Very interesting article. I didn’t know GoPro gave money to consumers who produced content they could use to advertise their products. I think that is a very smart idea since they were saving a lot of money on advertising. It also made their consumers feel appreciated and involved with the product and company.
    I agree with you, I also think that GoPro’s sales decline are due to its novelty wearing off and many off brands appearing in the competitive market. I also agree with Kyle that GoPro does have a strong brand recognition. However, I do not think it is enough to save it. I mean why buy an expensive GoPro when you can buy a cheaper camera that does the exact same thing? I think GoPro might have to find another novelty feature or something new to capture its consumers again.

  3. I really like and think it is interesting how GoPro used “real” content from their customers to advertise their product. It gives the sense of realness and “look we can do it and so can you. It’s that easy and fun!” It also serves as an outlet for people to be creative and document their adventures while possibly making some money. I do not think GoPro is dead, but they need to stay innovative because other companies are catching on. I do not believe their advertising style hurt them, just that the novelty is wearing off, like you mentioned.

  4. I didn’t know that GoPro used consumer videos for their ads, but I think that it was a very smart move. I believe that the GoPro is not dead, but just finding the right way to adapt and make itself more appealing than it was when it was first released. Ironically enough, I purchased my GoPro in November of 2016 and loved using it in Iceland and Norway. I think, like Apple, GoPro is a easily recognizable brand and will be around for a while.

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