Gears of War 3: Beta and Beyond

When the Beta for Gears of War 3 came out back in the spring it was without a doubt the greatest moment for gamers at the time.

After spending literally countless hours zombified in front of my TV waiting for the next day to start so I could hop back on and take out more gear heads like myself, I woke up one day to realize that the Beta was gone and just like that I had to go back to being social. (Read beta review here) Luckily there was E3 to hold me over until the drop date.

At E3 we got a first look at a few of the new gaming modes like Beast and also a look into the 4-player campaign. While it was still exciting to get a first look at everything they were a little short with the details, which made sense seeing as how the game was not due to drop for a few more months. While they did have playable demos out, it was much like the Beta so what could be tested was extremely limited.

Then came the actual game itself. While the online play is what I know everyone was looking forward to, I personally was in it for the campaign. The Gears saga has become one of my favorite stories all the way from the very beginning. The story in this one was Epic (pun intended), but sadly nowhere near as long as I expected it to be. Three friends and I beat the campaign in the first three nights and that included taking breaks to do online play.

The story was great and the cinematic scenes were flawless, but I feel that if they waited this long to release the game the campaign could have been longer. However, in Epic’s defense it was four experienced gamers who chose not to sleep against their crowning achievement, it didn’t stand a chance.

While the online play is great, what I really appreciate is the lag fix, no longer are the days where a person magically skips from one side of the map to the other… well it still happens occasionally, but nowhere near as much. In all this, the game has met my expectations and surpassed, this is definitely one that will get continuous play on my Xbox, and anyone with just a PS3 should be jealous.

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