Game Review: Street Fighter X Tekken

Capcom has released its interpretation of its own fighting game series Street Fighter against Namco’s Tekken series with Street Fighter X Tekken for the Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, and Microsoft Windows.  Namco is said to be making their own version of the game but will not start development on it until it has completed the console version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, however Capcom’s game has many new and interesting features in their game to keep us occupied in the meantime.

The game plays on a 2D plain like most Street Fighter games but with each player switching between two of the 38 available characters similar to Tekken Tag Tournament.  Being effective at playing this game depends on not only switching effectively between characters for max combos and health regeneration, but having team chemistry with your characters as apposed to just playing two different characters.  Capcom did a good job of giving the Tekken characters there more important moves and techniques with a somewhat similar input style of their 3D counterpart.  Several characters such as Steve and Raven were additional tools such as projectiles to keep the balance of the game.  The Capcom characters play more or less the same as they have in previous games, but with slight tweaks here and there to fully mesh with the game engine.  It all seems to unite well making the core game play rather enjoyable.

Other features in this game include Pair Play in which two people can team up to control one character each on a team and tag each other in and out.  There is also Scramble Mode in which all 4 fighters are on the field and going at it simultaneously without switching.  Both modes support up to 4 players and are quite fun in their own right (with the Pair Play being the more serious mode out of the two), however you can only play cooperatively online in the 360 version.  This is rather disappointing  seeing that Mortal Kombat 9 has already done a similar thing on the system.   Another feature in this game is the Gem System in which before the match, the player pics gems to boost your attributes as you fight.  The game tries to push the importance of gems, however I found myself barely paying attention to them within the week I have played the game.  You can give characters a custom color scheme which is great except there is a very limited number of colors available at launch which seems just down right lazy on Capcom’s end.  Another let down is that the PS3 and PS Vita got exclusive characters while the 360 and PC versions didn’t.  The exclusive characters are simple novelty characters however, such as PacMan and the Mega Man from the misleading box art for the American version of the original game.

Not the MegaMan that many of us grew up with

The online play okay all around.  The netcode is decent by today’s standards but nothing special.  There are a few bugs with the actual game play online such as the audio going in and out, but nothing game breaking.  The ranking system is easy to understand and Pair Play can be switched on at anytime during lobby matches.  The presentation of the game is also well done with interesting art, memorable music, and some of the most distracting backgrounds in fighting game history.

Overall, the game is enjoyable and I recommend it for anyone looking for a new fight game.  For beginners of fighting games or Street Fighter like games, there is a full system tutorial and trial combo’s for each of the characters to help you on your way, however there is still a learning curve and if you have found yourself having trouble with these kind of games before, chances are this game won’t be much easier for you.  However if your a fan of the either series or want to get into them, this game is worth looking at, even if your a 360 owner.

Kazi Smith

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