Gears of War 3 Beta is Live

The kind people at Epic games have finally answered the hardcore Gears fan’s prayers and released the beta version of this long awaited game. The beta was released April 18th to those who bought the game Bulletstorm and was given another release a week later for anyone who pre-ordered Gears 3. I must say, as a Gears fan myself, I could not be happier, yet, as a Gears fan I must say, it is just as much fun as aggravating. There is nothing worse than clearly uneven teams being paired together and then being slaughtered, but on the other hand it’s a great feeling when on the winning side.

Even though I’ve only had the beta for two days, in my hours upon hours upon hours (no exaggeration), I can see they’ve put a lot of work into getting this game father away from Gears 2 than expected. With new weapons such as the Digger, Oneshot, Retro Lancer, Sawed Off, and Incendiary grenades, there are a lot more things to watch out for when running around , including new execution moves for every weapon, so keep your guard up. Along with other changes made would be the interactive maps, for example; Thrashball features a hanging score board which can be shot down onto opposing players.

The game also features ribbons, which in my opinion seems a little like Call of Duty’s medals, which appear after every match to let you know a little about how you played. In all there are way to many different things added to Gears 3 to name, but I can tell you that this game seems to be well worth the wait.

-Freddie Dickerson

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  1. As far as the cost of the beta goes, it only cost a minimum of $5 to pre-order the game and then you receive a code for downloadable content. The developers and Microsoft are now even extending this offer to people who do not pre-order: if anyone who is already is in the beta and wishes to share it with a friend, Microsoft has sent out an email with details on inviting up to 5 friends by “achieving” five task on Xbox Live such as purchasing merchandise in the marketplace or extending an existing membership.

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