Friends Fighting: The Ongoing Battle Between Print and Digital News

The newspaper business has been around for some time. There is no denying that. But the internet is a fairly new concept strictly speaking, and with this new invention, the medium in which news is being delivered is quickly changing. That brings up the question that has yet to be answered: Can traditional newspaper (That which is in print) survive this change? What is the appeal to each of these mediums, and why is it worth talking about?

NewspaperWhen we look at the newspaper business, we see a business that has survived for 350 years without fail, so it is ludicrous to think that it is going anywhere now. The counterpoint to this though is that with the ever growing world of digital mediums, the traditional approach to newspaper will diminish in the next 20 years. We need to look at the benefits of each. I wanted to mention the biggest of each, and if you want to read into it more you can go here or here to read a larger list.

The biggest benefit from print news is the stability and reliability of the paper. If the paper is a daily paper, you can bet your life savings it will be there, where as digital media can go down for a number of reasons. The biggest benefit from digital news is the speed. Once a story happens, a news site can have the story up in a matter of minutes. It makes it effortless to stay up to the minute with the news, which is something.

Even though the digital versions of newspapers and the digital news websites are growing all the time, there will always be a place for print in this world. Publisher and CEO of the Dallas Morning News, Jim Moroney talks about the newspaper as a growth industry, and he sees it as never going away. He says the he will be back in ten years drinking champagne from his success in the newspaper industry.

ChartA bold statement by Mr. Moroney, but I think he is completely right. Even if the amount of newspapers in America is shrinking, it will never disappear. It is too important to completely disappear. If you look at the chart, it is getting smaller, but it has recently jumped back up. It will then soon level off. But that does not mean that it is not going to change. You can expect to see big changes in the industry in the upcoming years. Even now the news world is starting to change. You can see the hybrid newspaper digital site that is the New York Times here. This site uses both aspects from print and digital to create a nice useful website, and they still have a big print presence.

Ren and StimpyTrying to keep the print and digital news separate seems useless and in a single word, dumb. There is no reason to keep two powerful distributors of news separate when they should instead work together and complement each other. John Temple talks about the future of newspapers in just this way.  These two things could go together like peanut butter or jelly or Ren and Stimpy (That’ll bring you back). Making an online story and have part of it or have an extra part in print and vice versa would not only create travel to the website but it would also bring some revenue back to the print industry.

So what do you think will come of this?

Anton Reiter

2 thoughts on “Friends Fighting: The Ongoing Battle Between Print and Digital News

  1. I receive two different examples of printed news. I receive ESPN the Magazine and Game Informer. I bought ESPN for the sole purpose of ESPN Insider their service that allows acces to additional online content. As a stats junky I absolutely needed Insider to get all the information I could. I also came with an online version of the mag. The pictures and colors are nice though. I receive Game Informer because it is cheap at around $15 a year (I think) it would be irresponsible to not own it. The art and graphics in the magizine are top notch and the quality and excellent. They also include an online version of the mag. but I buy this won solely for the pictures.

  2. I have to agree with you about this topic. Yes, print new isn’t as popular as it was back in the 90’s but it still has some redeeming qualities. When I worked at a retail store, I was always surprised to see how many people bought the Sunday paper, and contrary to popular belief they weren’t all elderly people. There seems to be this on going battle with online news and print news. They are both great and has continued to prove their worth.

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