End of Internship Report: Tom at NRG Media

Over the course of this summer I learned a vast amount of information and had many different experiences at NRG Media in Waterloo, Iowa. I was able to take advantage of many beyond-the-classroom opportunities and dive head first into the radio sector of the media industry and I am very grateful to the NRG staff.

I learned many lessons over the summer, and the first was about the radio broadcast industry itself. Before this summer I had a misconception of radio being far more one-dimensional than it really is. I discovered that every member of the NRG Media team needs to do so much on so many different levels of operations for the business to stay fresh and interesting.

Tom InternshipI saw an impressive number of avenues through which NRG was connecting with consumers and advertisers, at local and even international levels, through various digital and physical media. I took part in NRG connecting with audiences by utilizing facebook live, doing weekly podcasts, streaming and connecting internationally through station apps, putting up banners, driving around local communities, doing remotes, and connecting through phone. The way in which NRG is openly and eagerly embracing new ways for their business to connect on all levels is an exciting dynamic to be a part of.

I saw the way NRG Media operates in the digital media industry through adaptability and innovation in their regular business operations. I regularly saw the different stations at the Waterloo location of NRG not only discuss ideas and progress on a weekly basis, but I was also able to take part in many of those projects as well. Though I have discussed aspects of the digital media industry in a classroom setting, it was an incredible experience to see these ideas discussed in a professional setting.

I’m thankful for the opportunities I was able to pursue this summer at NRG Media, and I am excited to see the ways in which I will be able to take the industry knowledge into my professional life!

-Tom Randolph

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