End of Internship Report: Piper at NRG Media

As the summer is coming to a close, it is interesting to look back on all of my experiences and things I have learned from my internship at NRG Media in Waterloo, Iowa. I have learned everything from community engagement at events to imaging and producing promotions to be aired on the stations.

I would have to say the most important thing I learned about working at a media company is to go with the flow. The creative process is a messy one, and it takes multiple people, each working on their own tasks, to make promotions happen. A good media company, in my opinion, has a very laid back environment in which ideas can flourish, and NRG Media is a prime example of that.

Piper Internship

Having spent a lot of time outdoors with The Party Summer Concert Tour registering people for a chance to win tickets to see various artist, I learned some important lessons and tips.

  1. Sunscreen and water are always a good idea
  2. Rejection is something you get used to
  3. It’s not about what you are trying sell or promote, it’s how you act and present yourself to others

In addition to working with the stations on remote events, I also got to try my hand at the production side of the business. The most important lesson here is to always listen and trust your first instinct. The more you overthink, the worse it will be.

I feel like that goes for most media companies. The more something is analyzed over and over again to reach perfection, the more it slips in the other direction towards destruction.

Before I did this internship, I knew very little about how the radio business worked, but after interning with NRG Media I have a newfound appreciation for all the work that everyone does, not just the radio DJs. Above all, this internship has opened up a new world of possibilities and interests for me to pursue in the future.

-Piper Davis

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