Droning Out to the Oversaturated Media Buzz

Over the last decade we’ve been hearing more and more media speculation about the many dangers people fear regarding the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (or more commonly referred to as drones). Satire comedian, Steven Colbert, sums it up nicely in this mock news piece.

ColbertI personally feel that it is time to look at drones under more of a positive light. After all, there are many different great outcomes possible from this technology. One of the most enlightening aspects of drones is the ability for the average citizen to get aerial footage that was impossible 50 years ago. In this video, a news organization in Kiev was able to use a drone to capture eye-opening documentation of the extreme divide taking place in the Russian occupied territory.

At the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show, I will seek the latest and greatest uses of unmanned aerial vehicles. There are so many applications for these pieces of engineering genius that I believe we are on the brink of what the best uses may be. There have been ideas from Amazon’s founder to use the technology to implement an air service where you get a speedy delivery by a friendly drone rather than an angry delivery guy. I’m excited to see the new ideas put forth by the industry leaders at the NAB show April 5-10th.

So I would think that it’s long overdue for the news media to stop harping about the ill-use of possible drone attacks and tout some of the benefits of this great technology. The news audience may be more interested in what good things technology can do to inform us and create an environment where drones are thought of as a tool to help discover the amazing world we all live in. I’ll leave you with one of the commercial opportunities that could change the way your next pizza is delivered.

Robert Scott

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