Disney Play: Yay or Nay?

Coming in 2019 is the new Disney streaming service to be known as Disney Play. Imagine Netflix or Hulu, except everything Disney. No, it won’t be completely full of Princess movies and cartoons, as it will also contain everything else that Disney owns. Movies and content from the Marvel Universe, Lucasfilms, and 21st Century Fox will all be featured on Disney Play, as well as some original content that will be sporadically produced. So whether you like it or not, say goodbye to Disney content on Netflix, and say hello to Disney content on the all new Disney Play.

Disney Play All Disney content will be removed from Netflix within the next few years. The majority will be removed in 2018, but a few films in the Marvel Universe will remain on Netflix until later in 2019. Disney is very excited about breaking into the streaming service world, where it will compete directly with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Disney already owns 60% of Hulu so some may ask why they feel the need to create their own streaming platform. The answer is that Disney felt the need to put their own brand name out there in a streaming crazed world. Although the new service will take precedence, there will still be plenty of Disney owned content that will appear on Hulu.

One of the promises that Disney CEO, Bob Iger, made to the world when announcing Disney Play was that it would be a cheaper streaming service than Netflix. The cheapest package that Netflix offers is $8. Based on Iger’s claims, expect Disney Play to be less than that. Having a cheap streaming service is obviously a great way to attract business. However, depending on how low the price actually is, some may start to question the fact that the service is so cheap and maybe raise an eyebrow at the content that is being offered.  So how cheap can Disney Play be? I guess we will find out come 2019.

Disney PlayAnother way that Disney plans on bringing in subscribers is with original content it will produce occasionally. The first movie that will be featured on Disney Play is called “Timmy Failure.” The movie will be based on the book that was written by Stephan Pastis. The movie carries a $42 million budget and will be premiered on Disney Play in 2019. Other original content that will be featured is a new Star Wars series called “The Mandalorian” that will be exclusive to Disney Play. The series is a 10-part series that carries a $100 million budget. Disney hopes that the big name series will excite Star Wars fans worldwide and bring in more subscribers. (Here is the first known picture of the new series “The Mandalorian”.)

Disney Play still has plenty of unknowns and what ifs. Details revolving around the new streaming service have been kept pretty secret since the idea was announced in 2017. I would expect more info to be released as the kickoff date approaches. There are many speculations about Disney Play but few will know until it is actually right in front of us.

I am really interested in seeing how successful Disney Play will be. With limited content compared to other streaming services, Disney Play will be up against some heavy competition in the streaming world, but that does not scare Disney chief Bob Iger. Iger seems to be very confident of what Disney can do, and he looks forward to watching Disney Play kickoff. So I ask you, what do you think? Disney Play: yay or nay?

– Christian Ellsworth

2 thoughts on “Disney Play: Yay or Nay?

  1. Having a Disney streaming service is an interesting concept, and there is certainly a large market for the content that they own. For me, it will ultimately depend on what what will be on the service, how it will work, and, most importantly, price. If the content is geared more towards children or people with children, then there is not a reason for me to buy into this service. I think they could really capture a large audience by putting Disney cult classic films and television shows to bring in people that are nostalgic towards older Disney content (shows that are not already on streaming services, like Lizzie Maguire or That’s So Raven could get that sort of audience). It will also depend on how the service will work. If a subscription only allows one user at a time, I would be less likely to get it because my family shares a lot of our streaming services passwords with friends and other family members. Ultimately, I am excited to see what they decide to do with this streaming service next year, but with the right content and price, I will most likely check it out.

  2. There are a lot of people who are Disney fanatics in this world and I honestly think those are the only people who will find any use in this service. I like the concept of the package that gives views. Like how it puts the same kind of content into one service, but the problem is the separation. I shouldn’t need three different subscriptions just because Disney doesn’t want to give it’s content to Netflix anymore. There is a lot on Netflix that isn’t on Hulu and a lot on Hulu that isn’t on Netflix and instead of getting all three people are going to begin to pirate more content.

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