Dish’s Deal with Disney Marks a New Era for Internet TV

Internet TV will never be the same after Dish and Disney agreed to a deal that allows Dish subscribers to stream Disney owned stations (ESPN, ABC, ABC Family, Disney Channel, and more) online through their internet-connected devices such as computers, tablets and cell-phones. Dish could not have asked for a better outcome; not only is Dish the first cable provider to achieve a deal of this magnitude, but Disney also agreed to drop all charges towards Dish for their AutoHop service.

Here is a video explaining the deal in greater detail:

Dish may have just paved the way for the future of Internet TV, but at what cost? For starters, the deal is considered a package-deal; meaning in order to get ESPN or ABC a subscriber has to get the other networks Disney owns as well, such as ABC Family. The more networks a package has, the more expensive it will cost to subscribe.  The service currently costs a subscriber anywhere from $20-$30.

dish disneyThat is a hefty price, especially considering the fact that most people already pay for internet and cable every month, and that is not counting all the people who also subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu. Internet TV is also primarily targeted to the younger crowd, such as college and high school students. And I can tell you right now that no college or high school kid would be willing to fork over that kind of cash.

Another major negative is that subscribers of this service will only be allowed to have one device streaming content at a time. In other words, one subscription accounts for one person only. They are trying to make it difficult for multiple people to view content off one subscription.

My biggest fear about this deal is whether or not companies like Disney will take down their services on other internet TV providers, and force us all to pay a monthly fee to access their networks. In other words will companies like Disney take their content off Netflix, or not allow for game console owners to stream content off the ESPN app for free.

Disney-ESPN-media-netsEssentially Dish has just opened up the gates to potentially a living nightmare. It’s only just a matter of time now until other cable providers follow suit, and soon potentially every network we stream online for free will cost us a fee.

For Dish however this deal is a huge success and potentially a success for all other cable providers and networks, as their subscription fees will bring them a lot of money.

How do you feel about the direction internet TV is heading? Do you think streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu will take a hit from this in the future? Why? What are some positives or negatives you can see coming from this? Please post your answers in the comments section below.

With the NAB Show right around the corner, I have looked into sessions at this year’s show that may help answer some of my questions about the future of internet TV. When I am at NAB I will do my best to post any new details that I learn about internet TV, or that answer any of my questions.

– Tyler Bradley

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