Connecting the Consumer

Consumers are more connected than ever in this day and age. Through social media brands are working on the most effective ways to connect with consumers. With multiple forms of social connection online (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) users are looking to explore new content as well as utilize the sheer convenience of these online connectors. With this new trend, brands are starting to understand the pure power that a connected campaign can have.

Social ButtonsWhat is the true power of connecting with users through social media? Users are now spending more time online than ever and most of this time on social media. According to Adweek, “The average user logs 1.72 hours per day on social platforms, which represents about 28% of all online activity.” As these numbers grow, brands are working on making engaging ad campaigns that users can actually interact with.

One of the most impactful ad campaigns was done by Always called #LikeAGirl. This is one of my favorite ad campaigns ever. Not only did it show during the Super Bowl and gain millions of views, but it also engages the viewers into actually thinking about social equality. I would argue that this is the most compelling social ad campaign out there today.

LikeAGirlPerhaps you saw someone taking the ALS Association’s Ice Bucket Challenge on Facebook? This viral video trend didn’t involve a single dollar spent on promotion. People would share a video of them dumping ice water on their head and donating to ALS while sharing and tagging their friends so that they would have to do the same thing. The video phenomenon generated over 70 million views and raised over $220 million. Not to mention that it spread across 159 countries! Not only did this campaign raise hundreds of millions for a good cause but it also increased awareness and was a very interactive campaign.

These two examples alone show that connecting with consumers can have a groundbreaking effect. Connecting with consumers can change how typical marketing is done in respect to trying to make perfect models of people, and online strategies can be innovative and informative.

If users can relate to an ad campaign, and if they feel that it is genuine, then they will be compelled to share it. So long as people keep sharing, others will listen and share it too. Do you think these are these examples are flukes, or is online marketing truly groundbreaking? Is it just another way for marketers to manipulate us into getting what they want?

Taylor Bluemel

2 thoughts on “Connecting the Consumer

  1. Marketing through social media is extremely effective and will continue to reach large numbers of people through minimal effort (compared to older marketing strategies). In addition to having the advantage of reaching large numbers of people, marketers can get instant feedback about what they’re doing (especially with Facebook’s “Reactions”).

  2. Social media is a revolutionary concept. The way that people can interact around the world, numerous miles away and still be able to stay as close as if they lived in the same state is incredible. I know many people hate the way that people are so invested in their phones all of the time with social media and can’t get there nose out of their device to talk with others around them, which I do see the point in their argument. But I also think that social media has done an even better job bringing us all together. You can make friends through Facebook, make business connections through LinkedIn, or even talk with a celebrity through Twitter. There are so many ways of connecting through social media that never would have been possible without these platforms.

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