The Battle for the Cinema: Who has the Best Superheroes?

When you compare superhero franchises, it is safe to say that Marvel is currently the clear winner, but why? DC has been making movies for the same amount of time, but Marvel seems to only get bigger and bigger even as DC struggles.

SuperheroesDC and Marvel both are in the same genre, but both take their movies in different directions. In recent years DC has made most of their movies kind of dark in tone and theme. More of a realism, that your actions have consequences, and they kind of focus on the adult audience. Marvel, on the other hand, has tailored their movies with more of a lighter tone and they have more humor in them. They are movies that anyone can really grow to like, from young children to older audiences.

DC tried their own take on making their funny movie with the 2016 release of Suicide Squad, but the movie did not live up to the hype. You could not go anywhere without hearing the songs for the movie, or seeing a trailer for it. Another movie that came out around that time that was Marvel’s release of Guardians of the Galaxy. Not much was know about Guardians when it was released, but it grew quite a following. Both Suicide Squad and Guardians ended up about doing the same at the box office, but with Guardians doing a bit better.

SuperheroesAnother good pair of competing movies was DC’s Man of Steel vs Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World. Both of these movies came out the same year. The Superman movie was supposed to launch a new franchise, but the film did not do as well as hoped. The Thor movie did just roughly the same number, even though Thor is easily not the most popular of the Avengers.

Marvel has also done an incredible job in bringing all of their shows and movies together. All the shows that are owned by Disney are in the same universe as the movies. After the first Avenger movie, Marvel and ABC created the show Marvel Agents of Shield which took one of the characters from the movie and brought the show around him and Shield. This gave fans a way to keep their love of Marvel in check while they made new movies. They even had a cameo of Samuel L Jackson play Nick Fury at one point. If you want to learn more about it, you can find it here.

SuperheroesCompare it to DC where they have a flourishing TV shows like Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow. Instead of bringing The Flash from the TV show to play in the movie, they hired someone else to play Barry Allen and never really gave the TV show actor a chance. This gives fans two different DC universes to like instead of one as a whole. Some fans may like one better than the other and might not support the other

I personally hope that DC does become more popular and will be able to compete at the same level with Marvel. Marvel is on it way out with some characters due to contracts and you don’t want to just exhaust a character.

-Joey Linder

4 thoughts on “The Battle for the Cinema: Who has the Best Superheroes?

  1. I agree that DC has kind of fallen by the wayside in recent years with Marvel taking the leading role and perhaps this is due to the humanistic style of the films. Many people go to the movies as an escape from reality. They may not want to see the dark themes that DC is focusing on and would rather laugh at the small jokes included in Marvel’s movies instead. Wonder Woman seems to be bringing a beacon of light into the DC Universe, but only time will tell if DC can keep this trend going.
    I also like how you mentioned the continuity aspect that Marvel has been perfecting by hiring the same actor(s) for their TV shows that appeared in their films. This serves to attach the audience even more with their favorite characters. I personally love the fact that within the Marvel Universe, every character is played by the same actor. This allows the audience to watch them develop throughout the films and see their personality change as well. DC hasn’t done this as much. Instead, the character of batman stays pretty stagnant due to the actor changes that occur almost every movie. Maybe DC can catch a break soon as Marvel is almost out of movies to make.

  2. Warner Bros. is failing DC. While the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe seem to be immune to failure, most of today’s DC movies can’t escape it. I believe the cause of DC’s cinematic struggles is from Warner Bros. blindly chasing industry trends. As soon as the MCU proved to be successful, Warner Bros. forced DC down the same path regardless of whether or not they were ready. What you say about tone has also added to their problems in my opinion. DC’s gritty dark movies fail to attract the same wide audiences that Marvel’s more lighthearted offerings do. While that didn’t hurt them initially, Justice League has indicated that it may now be a big problem. I also hope DC can one day rival Marvel on the silver screen. With the current performance of the DC Cinematic Universe however, that may be a long ways off if ever.

  3. I completely agree that Marvel movies are way better than DC movies. I think at this point I’m almost biased because I don’t expect DC movies to be all that good. I personally enjoyed Suicide Squad while most others didn’t though. Even though they get well-known/good actors, it seems to me that a lot of the trouble with the DC movies is in the script. Everyone’s favorite example is Ryan Reynolds in the flop of a movie, The Green Lantern vs. him as Deadpool. No competition there…

  4. I am very frustrated when it comes to DC films. I read the DC comics and there are so many interesting story arcs that I believe could be adapted into compelling films but Warner just doesn’t understand the characters and what makes them compelling (at least all of them except Wonder Woman). My fear is that DC starts trying to make their films more like Marvels by undercutting every moment with a joke. While this works for the light-hearted marvel universe, that is not why I come to watch a DC film.

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