…And We are Back with Avatar: Here Come the Sequels!

After achieving the status as the highest grossing movie of all time, Avatar is coming back with four new movies to be released over the next few years. The second movie began production on September 25th of this year. Many have wondered what the next movie will be like. Will it take place directly after the first one, or will it fast forward, since it will have been eleven years after the original film came out?

AvatarThese questions have been answered with the addition of children who have been added to the cast. The word is that these new children will be playing children in the clan. Some are also supposed to be Sully and Neytiri’s children as well.

Along with the new cast, Cameron has revealed some new information about what the new movies may contain. In an interview, James Cameron said that the new movie is supposed to take place with Sully and Neytiri controlling the clan. He continued by saying that the clan will leave the forest and find new environments, including underwater and volcanic environments. The producers plan on focusing less on Sully and Neytiri, and put more emphasis on the children. In an odd comment, Cameron promised that this movie will make “you s**t yourself, with your mouth wide open.”

With the first Avatar movie raking in over $2.8 billion in the box office alone. Cameron and Fox have high hopes for the next four movies. Cameron originally only had a contract with Fox for two more, but after him and his team overwrote, Fox was more than willing to create two more.

The combined production for the four movies will be $1 billion. If each movie plans on being roughly $250 million each, then they are only spending roughly $13 million more than the first movie for each of the sequels. Cameron believes that the first movie was so successful due to its story. Most fans, however, liked the movie due to special effects at the time, and they thought the story was average or nothing special. It will be interesting to see how the new stories turn out. Will they be better than the first?

The next Avatar movie is expected to be released around Christmas 2020. Release dates for the other upcoming movies, are tentative.

-Joey Linder

6 thoughts on “…And We are Back with Avatar: Here Come the Sequels!

  1. I remember watching the original Avatar in theaters and thought it was like the coolest thing ever because there was explosions, awesome details, and pretty advanced technologies. But since that movie came out, I have seen some equally as cool films in the sense they use some intense special effects. So I agree with you when you talk about how maybe Avatar isn’t so special compared to other films now a days. But we will see, maybe the story line will become a little better, and that will help make this movie stick out even more then just awesome special effects.

  2. When I saw Avatar for the first time, I thought that it was a good movie at the time, only because how good the special effects were. The actual story of the movie, to me, was very mediocre. It will be interesting to see how the story of the new movies play out, especially since there are supposed to be four more. Having children as the main characters makes me think that the action in the new movies is not going to be as epic as the first, but we will see.

  3. I thought the first one was overrated to be honest. With the 3d gimmick losing ground lately I don’t know if this will make as much money as they anticipate. By the way, I feel the children staring in this movie is somewhat odd, because it feels like they are trying to target kids the same age. I don’t know how that will work, but it should be interesting.

  4. The first movie was fine, nothing special. It almost seemed like they could have cut an hour of the movie. I don’t think that Fox will be able to make enough noise about the movie because it has been 11 years sense the last film came out. I think these movies won’t do as well as the first movie and the special effects will be average at best.

  5. I completely believe that the first film was only popular for the special effects and not the story. It was a classic and overdone, “foreigners come and take our land” schtick. I will admit that I loved it in theaters though. I am interested to see if they can reel in the old crowd while at the same time, making new fans in the younger generation. It is a big investment to bank off the success of the first film.

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