2016 NAB Show Welcomes Young Professionals

In a large convention center in the magical city of Las Vegas, Nevada, media professionals, CEO’s, managers, owners, innovators, programmers and several high profile players in the media industry gather to meet, speak, and discover new technologies in the media industry. This convention center is the home of the NAB Show. Even though there are a lot of “suits” at the NAB Show, they also allow young professionals and students to come and explore the media industry and meet some of the amazing people who have built this industry to the prestigious level it is at. These young professionals not only have the privilege to learn from such incredible people who have built this industry, but the people who built it have the opportunity to teach the future leaders and innovators of this crazy and extravagant world of the media industry.

Welcome to Las VegasWith unique opportunities to talk with such distinguished media professionals, listen in on valuable information sessions on a wide variety of topics, and attend a career fair allowing us to hand our resume to potential employers in the industry, the NAB Show is, in several ways, catering to young professionals in the media field. Attendees can tour the exhibit floor, decked out with all of the biggest companies’ newest gadgets and equipment. With so much to do, there is never a dull moment, and certainly no moment we would want to miss taking advantage of. As up and coming media professionals, there is no better place for us to gain insight into the industry and the career opportunities available at the NAB Show. Therefore, bring on the exhibits, sessions, and interviews; the UNI Media Leaders are ready to take on LAs Vegas and work some media!

NAB Show Panel

Even though we are small group from UNI, there are still several other young professionals attending the NAB Show. This allows us to compete for the attention of the media professionals in the media industry and shows us the competition we will face when applying for jobs in the future. This also allows us to meet young professionals from around the country and hopefully network with them. It obviously is important to network with the current media professionals but networking with other young media professionals can hopefully lead to future employment or collaboration in the media industry.

As students in the Digital Media Program at UNI, we are looking to take away a wealth of newfound knowledge and firsthand experiences, such as networking with all of the professionals at the show. These opportunities will help us to advance our education and future careers. Real world exposure and experience can deem our resumes more impressive than other candidates competing for the job. After taking advantage of this invaluable opportunity to attend the NAB Show, we will be very competitive in the job market once we graduate, one of the most beneficial aspects of the trip overall. With such an amazing experience and endless opportunities, how could we not be excited for this trip to begin?! Stay connected with us via social media!

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-Ali, Austin, Connor, & Sam

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